Adventures in Character Assassination

Last week, Hillery announced that Mr Tim Kaine, Former Governor of Virginia would be her running mate.  Here is a picture:

I have a theory.  It isn’t true all the time.  But in many cases, particularly in middle aged men, men who are gay have a distinctive look on their faces.  Mr Kaine, has that look.  Obviously, I could be wrong about this.  And it’s not like it is really character assassination, since there is nothing at all immoral, unethical, or illegal about occasionally enjoying a nice man in your bed if you are both consenting adults.  I will state without reservation that I have no reason to believe that Mr Kaine was not consenting.

I heard the announcement on Saturday and the chattering class on the radio were very exuberant about the choice.  Obviously, Mr Kaine is a wonderful choice and perfectly complements the Clinton ticket.  He is, I am not making this up, “compared to other politicians, very honest and trusting”.   The obvious spin on this, as published by the Clinton campaign is that Kaine was chosen because he is relatively honest and implying Hillery is not.

I love watching the Democrats play their little charade of pretending that Hillery is actually a really good choice to be President.


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