Political Morons

I understand the value of really great propaganda.  I witnessed (in the news) the self immolation of Yugoslavia after the death of Tito, when several regional strong men seized the former state media outlets and started a non-stop production of hate and fear campaign against their neighbors.  Suddenly, people who had been living next door to each other for generations, who intermarried, who attended each other’s family parties and celebrations  were all experts on 500 year old history of Europe and the Islamic invasion of Europe.  A totally contrived story turned modern peaceful Europeans into blood thirsty genocidal monsters seemingly overnight.

The same thing is happening in America, only on a much smaller scale.  But the obvious parts are the things that stand out to me.

Like this story, where 100 women got naked to protest Donald Trump.

“Because of his negative views on women.

But Trump doesn’t have any negative views on women.  In fact, every woman who knows him, LIKES him.  Even his ex wives.  So, how does this blatantly false narrative keep getting coverage?  It is the willing media that only wants one party rule.  To them, it doesn’t matter that Donald Trump is merely a more competent, less corrupt Democrat running for office.  They have their marching orders and it is Hillery’s turn.

Or the obvious story where blacks activists are making money convincing other blacks that the police are out to get them.

Other common Trump-isms:

  1.  He is not qualified.  As if that really matters.  We had Obama for the past 7 years.  The “qualified” bar is set REALLY low.   He can hire people to advise him on anything he needs.  He has a long history of hiring experts and taking their advice.
  2. He doesn’t have the temperament /he is mean and nasty and is quick to anger.   There have been books written about Hillery having this problem in her 30 years of suckling off the public teat.  No actual witnesses have come forward to make this claim about Trump.  By all accounts by people who actually know him, he is pleasant, polite, and well-mannered to everyone.
  3. He is a racist/sexist/homophobe.  Again, there is no actual evidence that this is true.  On the contrary, he has decades of business experience dealing with people of all nationalities and genders without discrimination.

Without any evidence, the same criticisms of him are thrown about over and over as if they are indisputable facts.



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3 Responses to Political Morons

  1. Heresolong says:

    And now he is unqualified because of his wife’s speech. Don’t know the details, don’t know the facts, but is she running for President or is he?


  2. Old NFO says:

    It’s all the media’s narrative… They don’t care about the truth, just headlines and feeding at the Dems tit of freebies…


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