Adventures in Commerce

I am selling my daughter’s old Honda Accord.  It is a 15 year old car with 250K miles on it.  You can see all the work I have done on it through the years in various blog postings:

  1.  AC repair
  2.  AC repair2
  3. Wheel bearing hub

According to Blue book, the car is worth about $65.  But it is a reliable car that runs, so it is intrinsically worth more than that.  I listed it in CL for $1,000.

So far, I have gotten 10 responses, all immigrants.

1/2 are Hispanic immigrants.  They all seem to want to look at the car and tell me it’s deficiencies and make a deduction from the list price for each deficiency.  As if they have never bought a used car before.

The other half of Islamic.  They all seem to think that the process of buying a used car starts with an email response offering exactly half of the asking price, without even asking about the car.  I understand that haggling is a big cultural thing for them.  But seriously.  I’m selling a thousand dollar car.  Not a $500 car. If you want a $500 car, look at the ones that are listed for $500.  If I have to re-list the car, the next ad will list it at $2,000.  Then they can offer $1,000 and everyone will be happy about taking the other to the cleaners.

One guy offered to trade me some rims (stolen) for the car.  I thanked him but refused telling him I already had rims on the car and if I wanted rims, I could just keep them.

Hispanic woman:  My husband wants you to tell me everything that’s wrong with the car.

Me:  It’s 15 years old.  Where would you like to start?

Seriously.  It’s not worth my time dealing with stupid people.  None of them seem to understand that they are buying a $1,000 car.  A whole car, that runs, and is street legal and road worthy and safe, for $1,000.  And it doesn’t smell like vomit inside and the trunk doesn’t have decaying raccoons in it.  But I’m selling it for $1,000, not $3,500, because it’s not ready to go to a car show and win second place.  But it runs and all the power stuff on it works so it’s worth more than $500.  In fact, by looking at it from 20 feet away, you can see parts of it that together are worth more than $500, if sold as used parts.  The tires themselves are worth that much.


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15 Responses to Adventures in Commerce

  1. JN says:

    Just wait until they call you when something goes wrong with it.


    • No One says:

      Don’t care. Not my problem. Used cars don’t last forever. I make no promises, stated or implied that the car will keep working 10 minutes after they take possession.


  2. Og says:

    Went through the same thing with the Explorer. Finally donated it to the NRA.


    • No One says:

      Ya, but that’s a ford. You should be happy you didn’t have to pay to get it hauled away. This is a real car that still works.


    • No One says:

      I suspect most of the immigrants don’t want a car. They want to flip a car. Buy it at half price, detail it, then sell to someone in their ethnic neighborhood at full markup. They are operating a business without paying any licenses, fees, taxes, or other costs that real Americans pay.


  3. Og says:

    Ford still ran like new. Brake lines rusted, but if I’d have had the time and ambition to fix them, I would not have been afraid to drive it anywhere on earth. But then, that’s what proper maintenance does.


  4. Og says:

    Hah! must be because of the 15th of the month thing. We get the worst shit here on the 1st and the 15th.


  5. Og says:

    That too. Though our branches here have kiosks where you can do all that 24/7 outside the lobby, They have made it quite easy to pay them, that is always efficient


  6. JN says:

    Went to the TXDPS (our DMV) to get my daughter her learners permit. Waited in line for 45 minutes to get a number. Waited with my number another 15. Then I got to go get in the line to wait for the permit.



    • No One says:

      I have had socialized medicine most of my life (since enlisting in the Army at 17). You basically get treated like cargo. You are there because they have to carry you, but they aren’t happy about it. And what happens to you on someone else’s truck isn’t their problem.


  7. Heresolong says:

    Washington state has finally joined the 20th century and you can now renew stuff online. And pay online. It’s amazing.


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