Mirror, Mirror: The RNC convention

The RNC convention is this week in someplace in the Midwest.  The convention itself won’t be interesting.

  1.  There is still some trickle of rebellion coming from the establishment RNC that doesn’t want to accept Trump just because he won all the primaries.  They now want to impose a secret criteria after the fact, and disqualify him on that basis.
  2. One of the delegates doesn’t want to vote for Trump, even though he signed up to be a delegate under the rules in Virginia that he would have to count his vote for whoever won the primary.  Now a federal judge had given the suit merit and has, all by himself, overturned the laws of Virginia.    First, there is no need to even have a primary, so No one can claim to have a constitutional right to vote in it.  In fact, all of the little parties (the ten or so who run candidates every year but aren’t republicans or democrats) don’t resort to primaries.  They select their candidates by the party insiders deciding who it will be (like the democrats selecting Hillery but without the sock puppet to pretend to run against her).  A primary is about the parties selecting their candidates.  They can use any process they like.  No judge has any authority to tell them they are doing it wrong just because he doesn’t like the outcome.  But if a primary is to be held, under the laws of that state, then the judge can only decide if the laws were followed, not substitute different laws to his own liking.
  3. In any case, I don’t expect there will be anything contested going on inside the big tent.  At least not if the Republican party ever wants to run another candidate in any election ever again.  Seriously.  If the RNC goes Shennanigans, it will be the death blow of the party.  Many will simply give up in disgust.  But most will turn to revenge against incumbents all up and down the ticket in every election.  You will see this when candidates state running “throw the bums out” campaigns and incumbents running, “I wasn’t there” and “I was against that” campaigns.
  4. The big news will be what is going on outside the big tent.  Democratic party activists will be violently protesting in the streets in order to create havoc and to disrupt the convention itself.  It is a coordinated effort by the Democratic party and will be funded and executed by hard left reliable democratic party operatives.  This is a criminal enterprise.  I am sure the police will do their best to keep things civil.  But they will fail because the “crowd” knows that the police will have their hands tied.  They will be free to disrupt with no consequences falling back on themselves.   In a pre-Obama administration, even a prior Clinton administration, local police and DOJ would have cracked skulls to make sure there would be no second day of rioting.  An AG or state AG or governor who cared about the rule of law would arrest organizers for conspiracy to commit murder days ahead of the riots.  Yes. Murder.  A riot is a loaded gun left in a room full of 5 year olds. Someone is going to get hurt.  Someone ALWAYS gets hurt.  A brick in the face is as deadly as a 9mm in the lungs.

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