Campaigning 2016. It continues

I saw my first political ad last night.  It was repeated this morning, so I know it is part of a bulk marketing buy.  The Hillery campaign put it out.  Since I have a low tolerance for propaganda and being lied to, it is painful for me to watch.  I can’t find it on Utube so you are all safe for the moment.

It talks about her career of campaigning for the children.  This is patently false.  She has never done anything for any children, not even her own.  She has used children as a political issue for her own self promotion.

The ads claims she got health care for 6 million children.  The ad fails to show how many children LOST coverage due to Obamacare.  When coverage becomes too expensive, you effectively lose care.

The ad claims she worked with Republicans and Democrats to get health care passed.  Funny.  As I recall, the ACA was passed without any Republican votes (not that many didn’t WANT to help this socialist POS).   In fact, without the shifty middle of the night votes and counting representatives who had already been removed from office, the ADA would not now be the law.


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