Ashley Madison New Marketing Strategy

The “dating” site for cheaters, Ashley Madison, is reportedly changing their marketing strategy from being a site for cheaters to being more inclusive.  The link claims they will market to threesomes now too.  I wonder if that will include any WOMEN.  Last time I saw, AM has 32 million users and only 12 thousand women using the site.  Most of those women have accounts just out of curiosity.  That means you have a better chance of meeting a woman to have an affair with in a car accident than at AM.  As I have said before, the site should be shut down and it’s owners and officers put in jail for fraud.  This is criminal and intentionally defrauding customers in a way that would be easily proven.  I don’t know why the Justice Department, 50 state AGs, the consumer protection divisions of any law enforcement agency, or the FCC,  have not issued warrants and subpoenas.  These people should not be in business of any kind, let alone “rebranding” anything.

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1 Response to Ashley Madison New Marketing Strategy

  1. paddy says:

    and learn to talk to computer software as if it were human ?

    no, thanks.


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