A few words about the Dallas shooting

After there has been time for calm consideration:


  1.  It seems clear now that there was only one shooter.  He was not a “sniper”. He did not have an assault weapon. He did not “ambush” the police.  So.  Except for the number of casualties and the city, there was pretty much nothing about this story that was true.
  2. A sniper is a trained marksman who uses a rifle against long range targets.  The weapon this shooter used was totally unsuitable for such purposes.  All his shots were at short range.
  3. An Ambush is a specific kind of set piece attack initialed from surprise, where surprise is a necessary ingredient to achieve effectiveness.  But shooting people at a parade, is always a surprise.  so, no points awarded.  This wasn’t a set piece attack.  It provided no security. No escape route.  In fact, it showed no evidence of real planing ahead at all.
  4. Killing people is easy.  Our bodies are weak and fragile.  A bullet through a vital organ or cutting a major artery and it is all over before help can get to you, even if it happens inside a hospital.  This doesn’t take any great skill.  It is why Moslems excel in attacking unarmed people.  It is also why these tactics don’t work.  Killing people doesn’t lead to political success.  It’s just random violence, indistinguishable from other violent crazy people.
  5. The news today is saying that the shooter had explosives at his house and he could have set off lots of bombs to kill more people.  This raises the question, “then why didn’t he?”  Reports claim he had a “devastating amount”, but nowhere can I find an actual inventory of the amount and type of explosives.  Normally, the police is not this coy about listing such things.  So, I suspect that the supplies are not as devastating as police spokespeople are claiming.  Wait… Police?  Lying?  I am shocked!!
  6.   The police ended the standoff by sending in a robot with a bomb.  Why did the police have a bomb?  What part of the Constitution permits the police to execute American citizens, without due process, in anything other than self defense?  Is anyone else noticing the really odd irony that a black man protesting police unjustly killing black men, is himself killed unjustly by police?  This was indeed an unjust killing.  He was already contained.  He had already lost the initiative and he had no ability to harm anyone else.  The police could have waited for him to die of malnutrition. This story tells us nothing but pure speculation about why the Dallas police had a bomb.  I don’t know why the Washington post, or someone else, didn’t have the time to verify with the police department what was used and why.  No speculation was needed.  But in a typical fashion for modern Journalism, they don’t need no stinking facts.  They can just make shit up.
  7. Vox Day likes to attribute this to 4G warfare.  But it isn’t.  Warfare is an organized and systematic process.  It’s not just one or two people going postal.  At the fringes, it will be difficult to tell the difference between the two since the crazy people will be the first in any society to cast off their bonds of civility.  The real discriminator is membership in an organization that is coordinating activity to accomplish a strategic purpose.  This is not happening here.
  8. If this were a real military operation, some basic planning considerations would have created the conditions to ensure that the attacker: 1, had a high enough body count to be recognized, 2, Got away with it so he could attack again, and 3, tied his action to a strategic purpose.  Remember how long the “Beltway sniper” got away will killing people around DC before he got caught?  He could not only depend on police incompetence and race-based bias for misdirection, it was simply easy to kill someone and then escape into the confusion.   The fact that this doesn’t happen every day is attributable to two things. 1.  Don’t kid yourself.  This DOES happen every day.  It happens in Detroit, Chicago and DC in the Black and Hispanic neighborhoods where no one cares.  2.  It doesn’t happen in White neighborhoods because all us White people are civilized.  We don’t want to go kill other people for being on our turf, for selling drugs in our zone, or for any of the thousand other petty grievances they find are worth killing for.  What we know from public shootings is that the first thing that happens in a public shooting is mass confusion.  If the shooting continues, mass panic happens next.  At this point, no effective countermeasures are possible other than someone being lucky enough to catch the bad guy in the act and hit him on the head with a brick. If the attacker breaks off his attack in the confusing stage, he can almost always escape unmolested by police.  If he stops there, his chances of getting away with it are almost certain.
  9. Remember this guy??Mark Hughes Dallas Police DepartmentHe deserves full credit for being smart.  What does the guy with open carry of an assault rifle do when the shooting starts?  That’s right.  He gives his weapon to the police to hold onto.  He isn’t clinging to his 2nd Amendment right or his Texas legal right to open carry.  He successfully realized that his only real danger was being accidentally shot by police or another concealed carry person who would mistake him for the bad guy.  He correctly acted in such a manner to make himself non-threatening.  Then, as soon as he discovered that the police were looking for him, he called them.  Why?  Because it is MUCH easier to survive calling the police on the phone and making an appointment than it is to await a SWAT team rolling into your house at 2AM looking for an “armed and dangerous”.

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2 Responses to A few words about the Dallas shooting

  1. patrick kelly says:

    There is no way to know for sure that there were not other people involved who successfully escaped and evaded police without leaving behind any conclusive evidence.

    That’s what trained soldiers, ninjas and spooks do well.


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