Knee surgery update

1.  My knee health is greatly improved.  No physical therapy and I’m already taking long walks.

2.  I just got the bill from tricare (government health insurance for military retirees).  They got a claim for $17k.  They are refusing to pay it until after they threaten me with prosecution for defrauding them.  They insist that if I have any other health insurance, they should pay it.  I don’t.  Why would I pay money out of my pocket for insurance when I’m already fully covered for free?  Having other insurance would only reduce the value of my retiree benefit.  They also refuse to pay the claim until I tell them how I was injured, so they can sue someone else to recover this bill.  Sorry Tricare.  This one’s on you.  Then they threaten me with more fraud prosecution if they find out later I’m protecting someone from being sued by them (employer, workman’s comp, property owner, car insurance company, or business liability insurance).   It’s a torn meniscus.  It happens.  It’s no one’s “fault”.  Just pay the dam bill.


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