Trip report: How I spent my summer Vacation

I just successfully helped my daughter move out to Nevada over the past week.  Here are my thoughts and observations.

  1.  Nevada is HOT.  I spent a few years there as a child and don’t remember it being that hot.  112 degrees Hot.
  2. I was astonished by how closely the real life Vegas follows the post apocalyptic scene in the game Fallout: New Vegas.  I was expecting rad scorpions to attack at any moment.
  3. image

  4. Someone built a bridge over the Colorado river near Hoover dam.  All the traffic used to go across the top of the dam.  Good job, guys.
  5. Even though I was in Vegas for 4+ days, I didn’t see a single slot machine until I went to the airport on my way out.  I thought, “I’ll just empty my pocket change out for the fun of it”, and to get rid of pocket change, but that was no possible. All the slot machines were some sort of “ticket only” devices, or had dollar bill feeders.  Too much trouble for me.  So, I took a trip to Vegas and didn’t lose a single dime gambling.  First time ever.
  6. GEEBUS!!  there is an Indian casino every exit along interstate 40 from Oklahoma city to the Nevada border.  When did this country get so much Indian land conveniently located at every interstate exit?  And what’s the economics behind that?  I would guess that there was some limit created by natural forces that would eventually saturate the market with casinos for the number of gambling available dollars in circulation.  But that wasn’t the case.  Even out in the great uninhabited wastes of New Mexico and Arizona,  there were plenty of casino customers with enough disposable cash to support a Casino, even if they couldn’t support a truck stop.
  7. Stucky’s, that great American institution, famous for providing generations of road trippers with peanut brittle and clean bathrooms, is no longer around.  Their iconic distinctive roof designed are mostly gone.  A few still exist as porn shops and locations with signs out front proclaiming, COMING SOON!!!  POKEMONATEA TRIBAL MUSEUM AND CASINO.
  8. Somewhere around Texas, the McDonald’s stopped being independent franchises and turned into collective franchises that included a gas station/truck stop thing.  They also stopped carrying the McChicken and instead has a Spicy chicken.
  9. I had the bad fortune of needing to visit an Emergency room in Victorville, CA.  It was a shock.  3-4 hour wait times were normal.  They simply don’t have enough doctors.  Victorville has 3 or 4 hospitals all with the same problem.  Too many immigrants, and poor residents.  Not paying taxes or medical bills or insurance premiums, but demanding services.  And the hospitals looked like they haven’t been remodeled since 1965.  Contrast with Virginia.  In the Stafford/Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania county area, 3 new full service hospitals have been constructed in the last 5 years and 10-15 doc in the box locations added.    There seems to be something seriously wrong with the way California does things.  The result is, even if you have the best gold plated health insurance, or a suitcase full of cold hard cash, if you have a medical emergency in California, you will likely die waiting in the waiting room before the overworked doctor, who is only there because he is still paying off his student loans, sees you.  This is the cost of socialism.  The poor get marginal access to health care at the expense of EVERYONE else having an increased chance of death.  Good bargain, if you are young and healthy.  Remember all those commercials teaching you how to identify a stroke and how important it is to get immediate medical attention to salvage as much of your brain as possible?  Well forget it.  You could already be in the emergency room when you notice your stroke and you are STILL going to suffer from it just like you would if you were isolated out in the desert.  When I was a kid, there was a series on TV called “Emergency”.  It was a bout a EMT team, back before they called them EMT.  And back before they had 9.1.1 systems.  They would rescue people and send them to the emergency room where White doctors and nurses would be waiting and save them from heart attacks and table saw accidents.  That shit doesn’t happen any more.  So, when you are looking for a new place to live, fine a place where emergency room wait times are low, or plan to not survive.
  10. Las Vegas and California look like third world countries already.  Gated and walled front yards.  Bars on the windows.  Street vendors.  Boarded up store fronts in what should be affluent commercial districts.

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13 Responses to Trip report: How I spent my summer Vacation

  1. A.B. Prosper says:

    Tell me about it. I live in So-Cal and it is a 3rd world pest-hole.Its a richer, safer Mexico

    Stucky’s has been gone for decades though, they were dying in the 80’s . Highways had much to do with this but and later road trip culture. That “cultural ideal” started to fade with Gen X and accelerated with the millennials. Its still there but just much smaller. Many younger millennials in fact don’t care about cars very much and would generally prefer not to drive. Understandable, they can look at the planet at home. Its not as good or real but these people are not robust for the most part. Also many don’t have the money or steady jobs, of the White millennials I know, skilled mid 20’s in So-Cal most don’t have steady work and none own cars.They use cars and drive, occasional for fun but the desire to own and the resources (crazy insurance and registration costs) make it too difficult.

    This is not entirely a bad thing mind you, building civic infrastructure around cheap gas and cars is stupid however as we’ve allowed mass immigration and have a society where people won’t and sometimes can’t pay the maintenance costs of civilization, its going to make a huge mess and what could be a net neutral social change into something bad

    As for Mojave poverty, oh yes. not all of this do to immigration though, much of it comes from “free trade” allowing good businesses like Kaiser Steel to be destroyed by globalist arbitrage and unlike Virginia we aren’t close the capital where wealth aggregates.

    Also automation is a big problem, Simply, modernity no longer creates good jobs for regular folks . since those people are now poor, surviving businesses cater to the new normal., poverty. Expect more and its not Socialism causing it but free trade and open borders and automation. You can lower taxes enough to make the system work.

    If we need many fewer truckers (automated trucks), warehouse men (KIVA robots) , pizza cooks A(pizza automation) , cashiers (self checkout) , tellers (Internet banking) , travel planners (internet) , people to run manufacturing plants (automation) we’ve just gutted much of our spending. Fewer jobs, fewer customers , lower demand, more poverty.

    Its not a wonder that 40% of the economy is government, its a wonder its not more.

    This is not caused by taxes either. basically all tax revenue is redistributed and while there is some waste and fraud in Medicare and Military, the later produces a lot of good jobs. A lot. Its not as efficient, its outright wasteful but given the private sector is way too efficient, so be it. Putting in automation is basically identical to going into the voting booth and voting Communist party straight ticket . In the long

    Basically efficiency gains technology have started to create a bottleneck. My suspicion is that the US will basically end soon enough but if it doesn’t, expect it to be much more socialized. Millennials aren’t afraid of wealth redistribution younger ones (under 30) have never lived while the Soviet Union was a thing, we’ve always traded with Eastasia , err China

    If we were mostly White, it would be Scandinavian, which is shabby but workable. A Latino American ? Welcome to Venezuela comrades.

    Also socialized medicine. It works decently if immigration is controlled and people are willing to pay the taxes , control trade and prioritize spending .We’ve never been able to do, Simply, our political structures don’t allow it and so we create a fake consensus to “have everybody spend” and run a debt . We get away with this because the US$ is a reserve currency. When that stops, we are humped.


  2. Ame says:

    – ahhh! your daughter has an amazing Daddy 🙂

    – in Texas, Buc-ee’s are the thing … but i don’t think they’ve expanded beyond our borders.

    – were the Oklahoma roads the worst? or has someone else out-yucked them? the casinos should invest in the interstates in those states.

    – i grew up without a TV in the home, but i remember Emergency from friend’s homes! wow … haven’t thought of that in a looong time. i had forgotten the time before 911. i’ll have to tell my girls i’m old enough to have lived before 911. they’ll tell me i’m *OLD* … and i’ll tell them that, yes, i am, and they need to take over all my duties! to which they’ll respond, “NOOO! Mom! You’re YOUNG! You even look at least ten years younger than you are!” ha 🙂

    – sorry you needed the ER … glad you weren’t having a stroke.


  3. Ame says:

    i was in vegas once in the summer many, many years ago … never, ever, ever want to do that again. hope your daughter is happy there.


  4. Og says:

    Vegas is better in January. What is cold for the locals is mild for a midwesterner. We found the places where the locals eat and eat there, and avoid the casinos. Lots of good small restaurants off strip that are worth the effort.

    Don’t have a stroke. Don’t get sick in California unless you have a private doctor who you pay in cash. There are quite a few of them out there, I can put you in touch with at least two.

    Change or bills, I wouldn’t know how to operate a slot machine.


  5. Heresolong says:

    Wow, Prosper. Talk about denial. We gradually implement socialist policies, things go to hell, and the problem, according to you, is not socialism but the free market capitalist system that we no longer have? I could sit and debunk every one of your wrong-headed points but I suspect that No One will have a quick pithy debunking session here shortly, thus saving me the time. Sort of like an automated debunking machine that puts me out of work.


  6. Og says:

    Here in the midwest, there are still bucketloads of Stuckeys. You can see the signs and the roofs from the expressway. Of course the signs now say “ADULT BOOKSTORE”, and theyre no longer stuckeys, there more like f**keys. There are still full blown stuckeys in the midsouth,.


  7. Og says:

    I’m about due for #4. I have actually come to embrace the pain. It’s cheaper than the surgery under obamacare, and since it’s a foregone conclusion that I didn’t vote for Obama (have a job, not a union member, etc) I wouldn’t get it anyway. PLus, when I wake up not in pain, I will know I’m dead, and start looking for Jesus.


  8. Ame says:

    ouch, men. so sorry.

    today i choose to be thankful for my knees.

    No One at one with the world … definitely a drug-induced state!


  9. A.B. Prosper says:

    hersolong, there are no such things as free markets of any kind

    Any nation that isn’t explicitly economically nationalist is a target for every other nation that is or for globalists looking for a quick buck through rent seeking or arbitrage

    Take the US in the 50’s , it had a captive market (Europe destroyed) heavy unionization, import controls and a high income tax . It was not a free market and was basically economically nationalist those conditions ended up making the countries prosperity grow.

    As those conditions waned, the US got poorer

    yes true increased welfare costs have had a negative impact on the economy, however as modernity doesn’t create jobs (c.f Craigslist creates 35 great jobs, Helps destroy 35,000 or more) at a good clip. people will vote their self interest every time. They should. You can’t sell wage arbitrage as prosperity and US workers went from wealthy to half as wealthy (measured as percent GDP) in a few decades

    Now if people can somehow create an economy that creates tons of well paying jobs for people across the IQ spectrum that pay well enough to allow people to save 25% or more of their income and still allow for profits and incomes to grow we can do with a much smaller state.

    Good luck with that though, its not compatible with automation

    As such in order for companies to stay afloat without the income of the workers they laid off for automation or open borders remember jobs are consumption portion of the economy , they’ll turn to the State.

    This suck a lot but the alternative is chaos


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