Police Week

Protecting at serving your ass in the nation’s capital.

This is “Police Week” in this area.  Law enforcers from all over the country converge on the National Capital Region to engage in tom-foolery, boondoggling, and otherwise just being pains in the ass.

  1.  I suspect the rules are different for each police department on how they decide to send people, but I can tell you this, if your department sends one person, it is evidence that they have at least one too many people on their payroll.
  2. image

  3. Normally, this is considered official travel, so your local law enforcers will be abandoning your local streets to crime and get paid by you to be here instead.  Oh, and they won’t be enforcing any laws here, because we actually have out own police to do that for us.  Meanwhile, your departments will be proving to you that their budgets are too big, because they can pay for hotels, fuel, manpower, leases, and other expenses while here.
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  5. The streets are crowded enough with our own vehicles plus tourists.  Now we get a few hundred extra police cars and motorcycles and support trailers and buses.  Thanks America.  In addition to just being here, police decide all on their own that they deserve to have motorcades for themselves wherever they go, so they go lights and sirens and block side street traffic while they motor through crosswalks, bike lanes, and normal traffic flow.
  6. image

  7. As if all that isn’t enough, they decided they wanted to show you their bicycling skills.  So they had a bicycle police parade, complete with rolling roadblock so that you local “sheep” wouldn’t interfere with the sheepdogs using your public streets like a private playground. They don’t care that it’s rush hour and that this is a major city artery. SCREW YOU, we’re first responder sheepdogs.
  8. image

  9. Congratulations America.  If your little police or sheriff’s department can afford an extra vehicle or two to send to this, you probably have and extra vehicle or two that you are paying for but really don’t need.  We here in Virginia certainly don’t need any extra police vehicles from your city.
  10. And if all of the above isn’t enough… there is also the “sheepdogs special rules” in effect.  All those bike lanes that are just for bikes?  Well police can use them too, because they said so, and “professional courtesy”.  Not professional courtesy for all you people who paid for those bike lanes with your taxes.  No. Courtesy by your local sheepdogs who you pay to issue tickets to non-bikes in the bike lanes, to visiting sheepdogs.  Thanks guys.  We love ya!

This is not an anti-police rant.  This is an anti-“we are special people who don’t have to follow your rules” rant.  This is a “bloated bureaucracy” rant about every stinking police department in the country complaining about needing more funding and yet they can afford to do this every year. It is a rant about people who we pay to enforce our laws, thinking the laws don’t apply to them because they have a flashing light on their motorcycle.

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2 Responses to Police Week

  1. JN says:

    F the Pol…“we are special people who don’t have to follow your rules”


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