Could have bet money on this

A long time employee where I work has just left for greener pastures.  He had the office two doors away from mine.  His office and mine have AC controlled by the same themostat in his office. In the 6 months we were office neighbors, I have never needed to talk to him about the thermostat settings in his office.  NEVER.

Guess how long it took me to have to mention to the 60 year old woman who took over his office that the thermostat doesn’t belong to her just because it is in her office?

CLUE:  She moved in yesterday and I am writing this today.

About No One

I am totally non-threatening
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6 Responses to Could have bet money on this

  1. blueinfantry says:

    I feel your pain.


  2. doomdigit says:

    Try working with a seventh day adventist who believes music is evil and having to fight over the volume of the radio every freaking day at work.


  3. OldNFO says:

    OH man… Hate it for you!


  4. Og says:

    We hung a dummy thermostat at my old office just to give the women there something to mess with. IT didn’t control anything

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  5. Ame says:

    Og – that is hilarious!

    No One – they need to stick her somewhere with another woman. or give you the only access to that thermostat. she can wear a sweater.


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