Political Endorsement: Day late and Dollar Short

I am endorsing without reservation the candidacy of Donald Trump for Federal Government overlord.

Not that I did or would vote for him.  Mostly, my vote doesn’t count.  And primaries are for entertaining the masses with political theater that mimics a democratic process.   And Virginia settled their nominating contribution of delegates several weeks ago.  So, it’s not like it matters at this point, even if it ever mattered.

What I like about Trump:

  1.  He is the only consistent voice on the primary issue of our time:  Immigration. And his voice echos my own (mostly).
  2. Smoking hot wife.  I’m really tired of being from the country with the wookie as first “lady”.  It’s just embarrassing.

What I don’t like about Trump:

  1.  Lots of things, but none of them matter.  I don’t care that he isn’t conservative, or trustworthy, or that he is a primadonna, or that he doesn’t have any experience.  We have just survived 7 years of Obama.  The bar for experience, competence in office, credentials, or historical pedigree is forever changed.  Literally, anyone is good enough to be president.  It really is nothing more than a popularity contest.  The only thing that matters to me in this election is immigration, and Trump is the only one who raised it and who is framing it correctly as a problem whose solution set does NOT include making immigration easier.

Alternative candidates:

  1.  Cruz.  I also find him acceptable based on his native intelligence, eloquence, and constitutional and conservative pedigree.  Again, a smoking hot wife, so a plus.

Other stuff that doesn’t matter:

  1.  Abortion.  Not that I think this is settled law or anything stupid like that.  I simply don’t think any president is going to touch it as an issue.  The powers of the President are limited.  Most of the federal government is on Autopilot.  I don’t believe any candidate, not even the most conservative, is going to defund planned parenthood, even though that is clearly a corporate money laundering scheme not a “women’s Health” issue.
  2. Guns.  Go ahead and select a supreme court judge that declares gun ownership is not an individual right.  Then pass a law severely restricting them.  Just see how many people play along.   It only takes ONE guy with ONE gun, with ONE bullet to change the balance of power on the supreme court again.  And once you open that door, we are no longer a civilization.
  3. The Constitution.  The past 4 presidents have twisted constitutional checks and balances and limits on power all out of recognition.  Any president who now says, “I will be different” is just being self delusional.  The president would have to rebuild the federal government from scratch and no president has that much power.

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2 Responses to Political Endorsement: Day late and Dollar Short

  1. My take on The Donald.
    [link removed due to bad things]


  2. Og says:

    Lord knows, we earned this stupidity.


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