It’s right across the border.  They speak English.  All of their customs are just like ours.  In fact, you could live there for years and pretend you are still living here.

So, it’s and easy thing for disaffected celebutards to claim they are going to Canada if someone they don’t like gets elected.  Homely woman, Lena Dunham is now making that claim.  What she seems to forget is that Canada is a sovereign country.   Unlike our country, they actually have and enforce their immigration laws. You can’t just “go there” because you get pissed off here.  Nor can you just go there and get a job doing what you are doing here.

But, like here, the immigration laws have short cuts built in for refugees from third world countries.  Ms Dunham has too much White privilege for that.

And there is nothing special about what ms Dunham does that cannot be instantly replaced by some other chubby, self-absorbed entitlement princess.


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