Bathroom Tribulations

Yes.  In this country we have reached this point.  The point where the desires of a tiny fraction of a tiny fraction of people are being catered to at the expense of everyone else.

  1.  Why is this tiny fraction of a tiny fraction being catered to in this manner?  Making them use the bathroom of their assigned gender causes them no harm, they have been doing it all their lives.  It is the change to forcing everyone else to submit to their new rules that is the change and should be avoided.
  2. The right answer is, “Who the F%&^ died and made you king of bathroom rules?”  Seriously.  Why are courts even hearing these cases?  Every single judge should be ruling unanimously either, “I can find no issue in the law that needs to be addressed by this court,”  or “I find that the legislature overreached when they thought to regulate bathroom policy ANYWHERE.  This is a matter best left for individuals to decide”.  What ever happened to de minimis non curat praetor?  Could there be any more trivial cause for the courts to decide?  They have already weighed in on free speech rights for children in school as well as what can be printed on T-shirts.
  3. If you own a bathroom, you should be free to regulate its use, unrestricted by any sort of government oversight.  People used to be able to do this for themselves.  Now every state and local government thinks it needs to have an ordnance to deal with this and every business thinks it needs a policy.   Has everyone forgotten the maxim about not making a rule you are unwilling to enforce?  Hasn’t ANYONE thought through to the point, “do I really want to devote ANY of my valuable time monitoring my bathrooms to ensure my employees and customers are using the right ones?”
  4. There is a reason why more bathrooms are not one person at a time, unisex bathrooms.  Bathrooms like that get taken over for nefarious purposes.  People use them for drug transaction and public sexual acts.  Sometimes homeless people will move into them.  The natural consequence to deal with that is that bathrooms in public places will have stalls, but not floor to ceiling stalls so that privacy is not absolute and security is a compromise between the just needs of the property owner and the comfort and convenience of the customer.   Tranny bathroom agitators ignore this simple principle and turn it on its head to disrupt the comfort and privacy needs of the 99.99% to favor the .01%.  That .01% was doing just fine and suffering no harm for hundreds of years the old fashioned way.

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