Election Smoke and Mirrors

The bread and circuses that pass for the democratic party nominating process (not to be confused with a popular election of any kind) is amazing to me.

  1.  It is obviously a coronation event.  As I have said from the beginning, Sanders is not a serious candidate.  He was hand selected to help make Hillary look smart and young when standing next to him.
  2. I see stories like this one today:

    Sanders’s scathing Clinton attack invigorates Brooklyn crowd.

    It is obvious that the entire media class is in the tank for Hillary and doing their best to paint the narrative that Hillary is winning this because of her merits.  They make it seem like it is a hard-won victory that Hillary is having to fight to get and not just another job she was handed because she is Bill’s “wife”.

Noting that Clinton has received as much as $225,000 per speech, Sanders said: “Now, if you give a speech for $225,000, it must be a pretty damn good speech, must be a brilliant and insightful speech analyzing all of the world’s problems, must be a speech written in Shakespearean prose. And that is why I believe Secretary Clinton should share that speech with all of us.”

Typical Communist.  Sees something of value and wants the producer of it to give it up to him for free.

But the Vermont senator is pulling no punches in a bid to pull an upset win in New York’s primary, which takes place on Tuesday.

What?  Pulling no punches?  Are the writers at The Hill even watching the same election I am?  Here are some punches Bernie is pulling:

  1.  Hillary is the Most corrupt American politician in American history at the national level, EVER. Remember selling the Lincoln Bedroom?  Remember stealing the White House China?  Most national Politicians settle for raking in a few hundred K in book deals that only lobbyists buy.  Some rare few like Reid and Pelosi make millions in land deals tied to their inside the beltway power.   But Hillary has raised it to an art form raking in Billions to her “charitable foundation”.  Billions from where?  Banks, Wall street, Corporate fat cats, Insiders, Lobbyists, Special interest groups, and Foreign officials.
  2. $225K per speech?  Try $300K.  And call it what it is:  Bribery. Call it influence peddling.
  3. Look at the rich old white woman claiming to be a woman of the people.  She is the poster child of the 0.1%.  All her money is from big government corruption tied to big corporation corruption tied to big Wall Street Banker corruption.  Ever hear Bernie mention this?  She has had full time taxpayer provided staff for the last 40 years.  The taxpayers have provided all the food she has eaten, all the roofs over her head, all her security (the best in the world), all her drivers, her speechwriters, her “interns”, her traveling companions, her advisers, and even the nanny’s who raised her only child.  It would not surprise me to discover that she has not carried any form of money for the past 20 years.  How stupid must Democrats be to accept this typical rich white woman as their nominal leader?
  4. Talking about how she voted for the Iraq war.  Most Democrats don’t remember the Iraq war.  Instead tell them about how she all by herself declared war on Libya and Syria, without any congressional hearings or support.  All by herself, and acting on her own authority, she committed the USA to a policy of global war against people and places we had no reason to harm.  Tens of thousands of people died to satisfy the ego of this wicked harridan. Imagine the piles of bodies she could amass as commander in chief.
  5. Woman of the people?  How about the time the Clinton foundation raised Billions for relief in Haiti … THEN kept it for themselves.  Put some starving Haitians on your campaign trail with signs, “WHERE’S THE MONEY, HILLARY?”  That would be a “Scathing” attack.

The entire Sanders campaign is one huge pulled punch.  It’s only purpose is to make it look like she actually had to win this time but not say anything that would make her look bad in the general election.  Kabuke theater.  Dog and Pony show with extra dogs and no pony.


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5 Responses to Election Smoke and Mirrors

  1. Ame says:

    there’s a special place in hell …

    do you ever tire of living there? in the middle of all this? do you ever wish to get away from it all?


  2. No One says:

    I don’t understand your comment. Virginia is actually quite lovely this time of year. Everything is blooming.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ame says:

      I was thinking the middle of all the politics in DC, not the beauty of the landscape. however, I imagine these flatlands here in Texas cannot quite compare to the beauty of Virginia, even with our wildflowers and bluebonnets. It’s been a looong time since I’ve been up that way, but I do remember it’s very beautiful.


  3. No One says:

    There’s your problem. I don’t live in DC. There are very few reasons for me to ever cross that bridge. I deal with the DC “hell” as much as every other tax paying, over-regulated, 1.6 gallon-toilet-flushing American. And I am as aware of them as every other American with an internet connection. No more.


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