Political Insights Updates

  1.  The Democrat party held their last “debate”.  The news media is using words like, “the gloves coming off” and “tangling”.  But as long as Sanders is refusing to call Clinton out on her overt corruption, it is obvious he isn’t really playing to win.  And as long as Clinton doesn’t put Sanders to sleep (in the way you put a dog down) for being a communist and how communism is a failed economic policy that fails miserably everywhere it is tried and has cost hundreds of millions of people untold misery, then you know she doesn’t consider him a real threat.  Oh, and she probably doesn’t want to alienate the third of her party that WANTS communism.
  2. Trump is still the run away candidate for the Republican party.  He is starting to realize that having a few paid professionals on staff going into the convention might be useful.  The problem is, how does the anti-establishment candidate go about hiring people who are the embodiment of establishment?  Sure, elected officials can be “establishment”, but really, it is the political advisers, consultants, media hawkers, and party wranglers who ARE the establishment.  These are the people Trump will be needing to shift focus going into the convention.  How will he be able to trust any of them?

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