Killing people and Breaking things

My friends at 90 Miles from Tyranny are posting about something stupid Ralph Peters said (I know, that narrows it down).   Once again, I can’t post any comments to any Blogger sites.  so, I am responding here.

I have never met a man in any rank above Major who didn’t think he was a military genius and could do a better job running things than the current crop of people. The fact is, despite all of them being smart and competent, they show a glaring lack of wisdom in their field of expertise.

No.  It’s not all about killing people and breaking things.  That is moronic.  That is how the spec4 in the motor platoon looks at war, not how the War college graduated full Colonel is supposed to see war.  The smart warrior is supposed to recognize that war should pursue national goals and objectives.  Killing other people cannot be said to be a national objective or goal that the USA has ever had.

If you want to end Nazi atrocities in Germany in 1944, Kill Hitler in 1939.  Don’t fight 5 million men in the Wehrmacht with artillery, tanks and bombers.  It is just stupid.

Peters is answering the wrong question.  He is answering “how do we defeat them”.  FIRST, he should answer “Why should we defeat them”, with emphasis on “why” and later emphasis on “Why us”?

These questions would normally be answered in something called the national military strategy or even “foreign policy”.  But the USA hasn’t has a foreign policy since Obama was elected.  And we haven’t had a credible national military strategy since the Reagan administration.  Today, it is just a slick marketing document that says we are going to do everything and it is all important.

1. There is no reason why we need to do anything about ISIS.
2. Killing random people until you have killed enough is how you fight in the 17th century. It is not how smart people fight. Smart people look for the points of influence that directly lead to the strategic goals you want to accomplish. Then your tactics go to that place.
3. Our problem with Isis is that our foreign policy under Clinton was, “get as much money as we can sent to the Clinton foundation”. Under Kerry, the foreign policy shifted to, “do whatever my European friends want so they will like me and take me seriously”. There is no foreign policy that demands we do anything at all about ISIS. For F*&K’S Sake, We would still let them immigrate to Detroit if they wanted to. With that foreign policy, it doesn’t matter how many of them you kill. It is all just random violence at that point and not in any way related to any strategic victory conditions.
4. The Iraqi army is capable of overwhelming ISIS all by themselves. They are choosing not to. The Jordanian Army is capable of overwhelming ISIS all by themselves and they are choosing not to. The Saudi Army is capable of overwhelming ISIS all by themselves and they are choosing not to. The Turkish Army is capable of overwhelming ISIS all by themselves and they are choosing not to. Imagine what they could do if they all decided to work together and eliminate ISIS.

Tell me, why we should care about going there and killing random brown people on the other side of the planet?  I’m not seeing it.



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