Election Catch Up

This election is one for the History Books.

  1.  The leading candidate for the party that nominally stands for the little guy against corrupt corporations is the leading corrupt politician in bed with the biggest fattest corporations and banks.
  2.  The leading candidate for the “conservative-ish” party has in fact zero conservative principles on his resume.
  3. Poor Bernie Sanders.  He still thinks he is a real candidate and not just a supporting actor in the Clinton Campaign.  And I really feel sorry for all his supporters.  Won’t they be surprised that they get to vote for Hillery after all?
  4. You can tell Bernie isn’t a serious candidate because he has a seriously attack -worthy opponent in Hillery and has never attacked her.  On every issue imaginable, she is weak.  On every issue Bernie and the Democratic party claim to stand for, She is the polar opposite.  She couldn’t be more easy to attack if she had “punch me” tattooed on her forehead.  She has over 40 years of insider corruption.  She has taken billions from banks, big corporations and wealthy and funneled it into her Clinton money laundering corporation.  In her entire public life she has talked a good game but never accomplished anything.  She hasn’t pushed forward on her own initiative a single thing from the Democratic party platform. NOTHING.  The obvious conclusion is that the Bern is her sock-puppet to help attack republicans and not a real opponent in the primary.
  5. The news released the big story about how many mistresses one candidate has.  I cannot know if this is true, but it smells to me of typical campaign character assassination.  It is normal for this to happen when one is running against a Clinton.  I still remember Mrs Clinton telling the media lapdogs before the election against G.H.W. Bush that “Everyone in Washington knows about Bush’s affair”.  It was a total fabrication, but the media printed it and aired it because they wanted it to be true and they hoped that 1% of the voting public would see it and believe it and change their vote because of it.    The only truth you can depend on is that if you do not know the candidates personally, all you know about them is what they themselves choose to tell you, or what their opponents choose to tell you.  Neither source is inherently reliable.  The next question is, “who gains from releasing this story”?  It’s not the Clintons.  They would sit on it until the general election, when it would matter.  Speculators and divided between it being the Trump minions or the Rubio minions (but neither candidate because that’s what minions are for).  I get that politics is serious business and if you aren’t willing to play for keeps, you should stay home.  But I personally thing the winning strategy at this point is for Trump and Cruz to have a come-to-Jesus meeting and publicly denounce dirty tricks, character assassinations, and attacks on family. They should be seen publicly shaking each other’s hand and saying, “I believe I am the best man for the job, but If the voters don’t pick me, I sure hope they pick my good friend _____ because he is a good and honorable man and would certainly be better than that corrupt thief, liar, and professional incompetent Hillery”.  Win-win-win.

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