Trump is not the lesser of Two Evils

I was over at Voices in my Head and saw some moping and head hanging.  I tried to respond but I can’t post to blogger sites unless they permit me to do is as “anonymous”.  The wordpress to blogger handshake doesn’t work.  Probably a workplace firewall issue.  So, here is what I wrote:


Don’t be so discouraged. Neither Trump nor Cruz have the power to be a dictator. Both would be hotly opposed in the courts (the hundreds of politically appointed federal judges who are already seated) and both houses of Congress and from both parties. Neither one has any friends in Washington. That is the ideal circumstance in a limited power government: A chief executive with only enough political support to keep the lights turned on. Either candidate would be a perfectly adequate chief executive but either one becomes “best ever” precisely because they are hated by the establishment. It doesn’t matter if Trump says, “put them in boxcars and send them to Mexico”, because NO ONE will follow through and do it. Judges will issue injunctions like confetti. Police and federal agents will honor those injunctions. It is 180 degrees better than what we have now with the courts, congress and a dictatorial above-the-law president creating new law and signing treaties and making “Deals”, none of which are constitutional.

Sure, Republicans are getting used to holding their noses and voting for a bad choice. I’m telling you that this time, the choices are actually pretty darned good.

The #1 issue this election is out of control immigration.
#2 is out of control federal government.

Trump would be excellent on both issues. For #1, he doesn’t need congress. He just has to enforce existing law with the resources the President already has. For the second one, lack of congressional support (checks and balances) gets the job done.

Be of good cheer. Worst case: You hate Trump and can energetically expel him in 4 years.


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3 Responses to Trump is not the lesser of Two Evils

  1. JN says:

    I like that analysis


  2. Heresolong says:

    Mine or his, JN? 🙂

    No One, Thanks for the encouragement. It’s too bad you can’t post. Weird and annoying.

    However, I get that Trump will be opposed by the courts, the left, Congress, etc and won’t be able to do much of what he claims he will do, SO LONG AS what he wants to do pushes the country in a rightward direction of smaller and less intrusive government.

    I am, however, concerned that he will accomplish much of what he wants to do that drives the country leftward, and since his history suggests that this is most of what he will want to do, that doesn’t look good. Activist left wing SCoTUS judges? The Senate will confirm them regardless of who they are or what they believe. Assault weapons bans? The Dems will support, some squishy Reps will support, Trump will sign the law. Higher taxes? Bigger and more powerful government? Ditto.

    In the longer run, defeating a sitting President with a primary challenge is almost impossible. When was the last time that happened? As far as I know, never, although LBJ might be a close example since he quit the race for reelection. How then do we garner support for a conservative agenda when people (non-political junkies) see the Republican party as being Trump and the establishment? There becomes no voice for actual conservatives whereas right now there is at least a debate amongst the right and some victories for conservatives (gun control, taxes, regulation) and some for establishment types (ImEx bank, spending bills).


    • No One says:

      Then we are screwed no matter who you vote for. Disconnect. Buy Krugerands. I could make the same argument about ever candidate or potential candidate. I can always create doomsday scenarios. Being Calvinist I automatically understand that all men are depraved. Some more than others. I am choosing to believe that either Trump or Cruz will create situations of lasting benefit to the nation and be better than the alternatives. But we don’t need to argue about this. We can table this discussion for a few years and then see what happens. My guess is that a President Trump will do what he says he is going to do and Stop immigrants from entering the country, legally or otherwise. That alone is more than any other candidate is proposing. That alone is worth whatever other harm he might do. If his unpopularity after 4 years is in the toilet, it is very possible he won’t win re-election. Just ask Bush, Carter, or Ford.

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