US Navy’s Only Real Mission

I just saw this feature in The Telegraph.  It claims…

Overweight sailors who failed the US navy’s strict fitness tests are to be given a further chance, as the force struggles to find enough talented crew members.

Here is a picture of those “talented crew members”.

Petty Officers Lentoyi White (left) and Theresa White train in Coronado, California. The pair are trying to lose weight in order to pass the Navy's body fat test and avert being discharged

Notice anything?  Granted, it is a pretty small sample size.  But then again, so is the US Navy.

US Navy is having trouble keeping talented people?  That’s news to me.  In fact just 6 months ago, the Navy was reporting their personnel picture was just fine.

Meanwhile, the Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy all have made 100% of their recruiting goals through May, according to the Defense Department.

So… What’s the real story here?   The real story is, women who join the navy are Not “skilled” in any way that cannot be instantly replaced.  They are fat women and mostly minority women.  And THAT is the only mission the US Navy has today that really matters to them.  Recruiting diversity.  The Department of Defense will bend any rule it has to to keep the right numbers of the “right” people in uniform.

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3 Responses to US Navy’s Only Real Mission

  1. blueinfantry says:

    Sums it up quite accurately, I think.


  2. Heresolong says:

    Let me fix that for you:

    “as the Navy struggles to find fat minority female talented crewmembers”.

    The only people that were that out of shape that I remember in the Navy were Chief Petty Officers. I was a bit overweight (especially by the end of a ten month deployment) but I could still bench press 200 pounds.


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