The Republican Primary

There are three men still in the race. Trump is still the obvious front runner.  Rubio and Cruz trail far behind.

At this point it looks like Trump will win the nomination easily.  But I would like to say a few obvious things.

  1.  This is the first time since Reagan I will be able to vote for a candidate I didn’t call the “lesser of two evils”.  I don’t have to hold my nose before voting for Trump or even Cruz.  I can enthusiastically support either one.
  2. I don’t care that Trump isn’t a conservative.  The Conservative promises of the Republican party has stabbed me in the back so often that I no longer have any feeling back there.  Nor would their knife find enough unstabbed flesh to stick into without falling out.
  3. I believe trump will do what he says on immigration.  Build a wall, kick out illegals, restrict Moslems.  That is a huge win for our country, even if he does nothing else.
  4. There is no viable democratic candidate this year so the arguments of “He can’t beat Hillery” are moot.  ANYONE can beat Hillery.  No one likes her.  Not even Democrats.  Not even democrats would sit still for a ringer like Biden entering the race at the last minute after sanders wins the primaries leading up to the convention.  So.  If you don’t want Trump, then you have to vote for Cruz.
  5. It’s Cruz or Trump and I am happy with either outcome.  Both of them are an oversized shiv in the kidneys of the establishment.  There is no way they can take it and pretend they need to get more liberal to appeal to voters next time.
  6. The Trump campaign totally changes the dynamic of big money influencing elections in America.  The professional campaign advisers have all been proven to be wrong, overpriced grifters. The next election will be different as a result.  This really does change the game.
  7. I am quite happy about not having to hold my nose and vote for the guy the establishment forced down my throat this time.
  8. I have no fears about a Trump presidency becoming a dictatorship.  We just had 8 years of Obama.  A random guy selected by a decapitated chicken could do a better job as President.  Trump is no idiot.  He will do just fine.
  9. Trump and Cruz both have the added advantage of raising the office of First Lady to new heights.  That reason alone is sufficient to elect either one of them.

I wonder if Trump has already selected a SEC ARMY?  I need to get my resume in.


About No One

I am totally non-threatening
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2 Responses to The Republican Primary

  1. Og says:

    I would like for you to be secarmy.


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