That Didn’t Take Long

GOP Surrenders… again.

Once again, the GOP holds all the cards.  They have all the power and can absolutely shut Obama down.  And without even seeing who the nomination will be, they cave in and behave like they are powerless.

This is why Trump is doing so well, despite being a liberal Democrat at heart.  Unlike most career politicians, Trump has the courage to say whatever he wants to say without the need to triangulate, obfuscate, and backpedal.

I don’t care if the GOP survives.  I don’t have a dog in that fight.  I don’t care if the next president is a bona-fide conservative.  What has that ever done for me?   I would gladly put up with a Trump just to stick a shiv in the metaphorical kidneys of the entrenched established career political class.  It’s not like there won’t be another election in four more years. And by that time, the major parties may have learned their lesson and run some decent candidates.

Until then, vote out every incumbent in the primaries, whenever you can.


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One Response to That Didn’t Take Long

  1. Blue says:

    Perhaps Trump and Sanders will end up running as Independents and upset the proverbial political apple cart? That could be interesting.

    I agree whole heartedly about a shiv to the kidneys, metaphorically speaking.


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