Defense, the Constitution, and the Draft

Cruz got this one spectacularly wrong.  He fell into the trap of arguing the points in the frame he was given instead of using his massive intellect and parsing the real issue.

  1.  Women should not be drafted because NO ONE should be drafted. Ever.
  2. There is no part of the Constitution that grants the power to the US government the authority to enslave its citizens for national defense, or any other purpose.
  3. There is no real difference between putting 18 year old white males in camps and training them to be soldiers, than putting Japanese families into camps “for the good of the nation”.  Both events are egregious offenses against the civil and natural rights of the people being imprisoned without trial.
  4. There is no possible way a draft might be constructed that does not unfairly persecute one body of people to benefit another.  It is inherently an unfair system. It is the very essence of unequal under the law.
  5. The first time it was used was during the war of 1861.  It was an illegal usurpation of authority from the people at that time and it remains so today.  It is one of the great paradoxes of that war that the Northern government enslaved it’s own free citizens to fight a war to free southern slaves while the South was freeing their own slaves to fight for the right to continue slavery (among other things).
  6. Cruz should have instead forcefully advocated that the draft, any draft is immoral, illegal, and unconstitutional, as well as being inherently unfair, expensive, economically unsupportable, and militarily impractical.  He should have taken this opportunity to overturn the legislation that enable the draft that is still on the books and end the practice of draft registration for everyone.
  7. Being a soldier in a modern army is a skilled profession.  It can no longer be done by issuing rifles and uniforms to tens of thousands of farm boys and letting guys with swords force them into battle lines and threaten to kill them if they don’t fight the other guy.
  8. The path to freedom for 50% of the population does not include enslaving the other 50%.
  9. No nation of free citizens should be supported on the backs of military slaves.  The proper way to do this is to make a military career attractive (as in a professional volunteer armed forces, like the one we already have).  If there is a time of need where military manpower is needed, the President should make a public appeal to encourage larger numbers to join.  Such an appeal would likely include good compelling justifications and not just an illegal and unconstitutional executive order, “do as you are told”.  The same sort of thing would accompany an appeal to congress for the needed funds to expand the army, based on solid justification.  If enough free men will not come forward to defend their nation, then the president was unconvincing about the seriousness of the threat, or the nation does not deserve to endure.

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3 Responses to Defense, the Constitution, and the Draft

  1. Blue says:

    Excellent commentary. Thank you for sharing those thoughts.


  2. No One says:

    Thanks for your comments.


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