The Republican Party: Permanently Out of Touch

Over the weekend, I heard a few comments on broadcast TV.

  1.  Some Republican old guy, insider:  The NH primary is unlike anything we have seen before [ed: since the last time we saw it, every time].  It is certainly going to be different than the Iowa caucus because people will be actually voting this time.  This is when the serious voters will come out and I think we will see guys like Bush, Kasich, and Christie really push forward.  NH voters take this more seriously and aren’t going to be swayed by angry rhetoric but will be focused on issues and who can beat Hillery in the general election.
  2. The Bush administration was accused of dirty tricks in NH because a woman going door to door talked to a Fiorina supporter and told them that Carly had dropped from the race [Ed: as if it mattered].  The Bush campaign responded that it was patently untrue and that if they were to do dirty tricks, and they didn’t, they would have done dirty tricks against Kasich, who they see as a more serious threat.

Is there any way to demonstrate how totally out of touch you are with your own voters than to totally disregard the significance of the Trump-Carson-Cruz landslide against the establishment candidates’ single digits?

Conclusion:  Only one candidate is spending his own money to campaign.  All the other candidates are spending “other people’s money”, just like typical politicians.

Meanwhile, the Democrats continue the farce of their own primary process as if Hillery wasn’t already selected.


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