The Purpose of the Military

I saw this in today’s Moonbattery.

4) the purpose of the military is to fight our enemies, not the weather.

This reflects a very narrow interpretation of the roles and missions of the military.  More broadly and factually correct is that the purpose of the military is “Whatever the F*&K the government tells them to do”.

That includes:

1 .  Hire more women.
2.  Promote more women to generals and admirals.
3.  Hire more Gays.
4.  Hire more transgenders.
5.  Hire more foreign nationals as a pathway to citizenship.
6.  Buy stuff that we (the services) don’t want or need.
7.  Hire people to play musical instruments.
8.  Hire people to clean our teeth.
9.  Hire people to check our prostates.
10.  Hire people to Spiritually guide us.
11.  Hire lawyers.
12.  Hire people specifically to entertain the tourists in Washington DC with somber marching.
13.  Hire people to bury old people who died after natural and unnaturally long lives.
14.  Hire people and buy stuff specifically to perform the mission of disaster assistance in other countries.
15.  Support to the Olympics when held in the USA and support to Olympic athletes every year, providing them with full time jobs as “soldiers” but with no military duties, leaving them free to practice their sports.
16.  Hire veterinarians to give vaccinations to cattle in Foreign countries, because those countries evidently don’t care enough about their own cattle to do it.

None of which has anything to do with defeating any enemies.  Meanwhile, bonafide certifiable enemies roam unmolested by anyone in the armed forces.  Just to name a few, the country is overrun by foreign nationals, both legal and illegal.  The US military did not lift a finger to prevent it.  The US Navy does not patrol the coastal waters of the USA to defend us from enemies.  They leave that job to a handful of Coast Guard ships that are spread way too thin to be effective.

So.   Who gives a rat’s ass if they add “Climate Change” to the list?  Certainly not the taxpayers who voted for a Marxist in the last two presidential elections.  Not the American citizens who elected all those Republicans who totally caved in to every wish Obama wanted.

And for the record, the US military leaders, it’s admirals and Generals, wouldn’t lift a finger to stop it from fully supporting Climate change proposals. They are all political beasts who can’t wait to suck up to their masters, whoever that might be this year.  Or to m=put it more charitably, they all have a “Can do”, “Yes Sir”, and “Salute the flag pole” mentality that doesn’t permit them to foster a ounce of rebellion.


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