Political Circus

I saw this ad on TV today.  The !Heb! campaign criticizing Rubio for being pro amnesty.

I laughed and I laughed.  I can’t think of any candidate who is more out of touch than !HEB!

I suspect the only point of this ad is that one of his advisers told him to do it, then raked in his cut from the media company.  The !HEB! campaign is all about the consultant class filling their pockets before the campaign ends.  As long as there is money in the pile, they will consult the very best consulting that money can buy.  And get paid.

NOTE:  For other people with reading comprehension problems, this is not an endorsement of Rubio, or in any way saying he is preferable to !Heb!  If anything, I find the two of them indistinguishable.  Thus I find it funny that one attacks the other for having exactly the same policies.



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One Response to Political Circus

  1. Cecil Henry says:

    Its laughable that Jeb might think that anything said in that commercial doesnt apply to him– because it all does.

    Just another ridiculous cuckservative.


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