On the TV: Hoarders

Watching TV lately.  STUPID TV.  It is reminding me why I don’t watch much TV.

Hoarders.  Every time I see this program, I see 3 family members and a few “professional hoarder treatment people” beating up on a mentally ill person.  There is no treatment for hoarding.  And people who hoard are mentally ill.  In EVERY show, the treatment people are being needlessly cruel.

There is no benefit to making the mentally ill person make choices about what to keep and what to throw out.  They are mentally incapable to making that choice because they are mentally ill.  This isn’t drama.  It isn’t good programming.  It is being cruel to sick people.

What they should do:  Send gramma away on a cruise for a week.  She comes back to a clean house and a sincere (wink) promise that all her stuff was cleaned and put into storage for her if she ever needs it.  Rinse. Repeat every 3-5 years.

In the last episode, I guess a professional psychologist was too expensive so they brought in a certified “organizer”.  First, who in their right mind “certifies” people who can organize shit?  That isn’t a profession that needs years of training.  Go to Home Depot on a Saturday and see what is on the shelves and you pretty much got it.

Second, the problem has noting to do with lack of organization.  It is a mental illness of not being able to throw anything away.  Something is broken inside.  They form strong emotional attachments to stuff and can’t let them go.  Talking to them about it is totally ineffective.  Showing them how to use color coded bins to store their trash to totally ineffective.



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