Air BNB gets trashed

Air BNB  (Bed and Breakfast) is like a Uber for renting out rooms, apartments and homes over the internet.

Here is a story that tells how one couple rented out to a minor and their home got trashed as a result.

What is the point of this story?  The point is, “Don’t use Air BNB, your house will get trashed”.  That is the only point.  Since Air BNB was created, legitimate (they pay for local and state licenses) BNBs have been losing revenues and want to shut down their competition, just like taxi services who pay hefty fees in cities for cab licenses want UBER, to shut down.

But seriously.  You think this same thing NEVER happens to hotel, apartment, BNB, or time share owners and management?  It happens all the time.  And even if they have strict rules about not renting to underage people, on the internet, they can’t tell if you are a dog. And when it happens, thousands of times every year, you never hear about it in the news.  No one even tracks it as a crime. The property owners or managers seek remedies through civil courts or just absorb the losses.  But you never hear about it.  Property owners don’t want you to hear about it.  They don’t want people getting the idea that rental properties are disposable like paper plates and plastic tablecloths.  But with this one AirBNB incedent, it is in the news.


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One Response to Air BNB gets trashed

  1. Heresolong says:

    The media and other leftists don’t like it when the government doesn’t control business. They will run any story that has the potential to increase government control and reduce freedom.


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