Lighten Up, Francis. There is no “terrorist” threat in the USA

It’s true.  Stop panicking.  A few Moslems going sudden Jihadi Are not “terrorists”.  Even if they are in daily contact with ISIS or someone else.

  1.  In a country as large as the USA (320 million people), a few SJS attacks a year fit well inside the normal curve for non-jihadi abnormal behavior.  If we didn’t have a national media making it the flavor of the month, No ONE would notice except the few people who were personally involved.
  2. In a country the size of the USA, you are much more likely to be violently killed by non-Islmic immigrants, than by SJS.
  3. Statistically, you are much more likely to be violently killed by someone in your own family than by a Jihadi.  (your chances improve a LOT if you don’t have nut-job family members).
  4. Statistically, if you are a white middle class male who doesn’t do drugs or hang out with people who do, you could carry concealed every day of your life and never have to draw it out except to clean it or practice your “operating”.
  5. So when I hear political candidates, bloggers, and radio pundits talking on and on about how we can’t accept some arbitrary and mythical number of Syrian refugees (10,000), because if only some arbitrary and mythical small percentage (1%) of them were ISIS terrorists, that would still be 100 terrorists we let into the country.  And that is a terrible apocalypse waiting to happen.   Guys and gals, 100 terrorists from ISIS would not even show up on the radar screen among all the normal level of violent crime we already have in our major cities.  It would be statistically irrelevant.
  6. It is very unlikely that the number of potential terrorists already in the USA is anywhere near less than 100.  I am arbitrarily putting that number at 10,000.  And not a single one of those 10,000 has done anything outside of nuisance level action like bringing clocks to school,  Praying on airplanes, and taking pictures at airports.  If there really was a terrorist threat in this country, we absolutely would have seen it by now.
  7. Terrorism is not the problem.  ISLAM isn’t even the problem.  Immigration is the problem.  It is out of control.  All those foreign people don’t belong here and it would be utterly stupid to bring them here even if they were all Yazidi Christians, Copts, or Iranian Jews.  WE HAVE TOO MANY IMMIGRANTS HERE ALREADY AND WE CAN’T TAKE CARE OF THEM ALL.   There is no possibility that they can assimilate and later adopt American principles, values and culture.  None.
  8. I don’t care if the US Government can develop an air-tight terrorism screening system that is allowed to check Mohammed’s facebook for all the times he said “Death to the Great Satan”.  I don’t want him coming here even if he is a harmless fuzzball who just wants to drive for Uber and take people to the airport.  NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM.  The Syrians already have a country.  It is called SYRIA.

So.   Go ahead and buy a gun if you want.  Your chances of ever using it to shoot a terrorist are still mathematically indistinguishable from zero.  More likely, if you live in a major city and traipse through bad neighborhoods, you might use it to stop a crime by a black man or an immigrant criminal.  But mostly, you really don’t need it.

The best reason for most people to buy a gun is that if things change and get really bad, your own government will try to prevent you from arming to save yourself.  Having a gun in your possession now is an insurance policy you are buying now to offset risk 5-10 years from now.


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