Arguing with Nazis

The gun control argument is always based on this paradigm:


And that is why there is no reason for anyone to ever budge an inch.  The graphic above is how the nazis have defined the argument so that none of the positions reasonable freedom-loving Americans might want are even options.

My preferred options for gun control legislation is way to the left of “keep things the way they are”.  I would propose,

  1.  Repeal all federal gun control laws and regulations. This includes all licensing for gun sales, manufacturing, transfers and interstate commerce.
  2.  Eliminate the BATFE.  The FBI is the proper federal agency to investigate and enforce federal law.  There is no need to regulate things that are all perfectly legal in the USA.
  3. Congress shall make no laws, but they may suggest on a periodic basis certain firearms standards so that civilian populations can arm themselves with weapons that are compatible with military service.  For example: “Dear citizens, the US Military is now using semi-automatic weapons in 5.56mm, 62 grain, based on the AR-15 pattern.  We encourage you to do likewise for national defense purposes”.  This is called “regulation” in the original sense of “regularizing” the trade to support military purposes.
  4.  Federal legislation would restrict the states from making any laws restricting firearms ownership, carry, or use.  Murder would still be illegal, no matter how it was carried out.  Fees and training requirements are forms of restriction that would be prohibited.
  5. Self defense is a God-Given right.  I don’t need your permission to do it.  Any state or federal law that limits me from doing this effectively shall be overturned.  Old common law restriction against baiting, trapping, and murder still apply.

We can compromise from there.  Maybe I only get #2 this time and we leave the rest just like it is.

As long as the other side keeps framing the argument, there is no common ground.  There is no “responsible position”. There is no “reasonable gun control” proposal.  Even “keep things as they are” is a victory for the other side since it hopes to hold back state and local legislative victories on eliminating gun restrictions.

Sample argument:

Adolf Hilter in a Pantsuit:  We MUST do something about gun crime.

Me:  I Totally agree.

AHIP:  I propose a national gun registry and a limit on high capacity magazines.

Me:  That seems a bit extreme, I propose abolishing the BATFE.  Let’s compromise.  You get the gun registry, managed by the BATFE, And then I get the elimination of the BATFE.


Me:  I’ll throw in mandatory gun safety classes, to include range time in elementary schools, enforced by the Department of Education.

AHIP:  (ACK!)… (Sputter)…

Me:  I’ll even throw in mandatory school uniforms, in some Earthy color, like brown shirts.

AHIP:  [catatonic]…

Me:  Now you are just being unreasonable.



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3 Responses to Arguing with Nazis

  1. Cecil Henry says:

    The right to self defense is a basic freedom, and the right to use firearms to defend yourself is equally basic.

    Here is Canada the right to self-defense is NOT supported. Some ‘freedom’ we have.


  2. Heresolong says:


    Compromise always seems to involve less freedom.


  3. Blue says:

    🙂 Excellent.


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