Trump is a Racist

He has gone too far recommending keeping Moslems out of the country. It is obvious that such a proposal that discriminates against one group in favor of others is clearly outside the bounds of decency and the American way.

The only correct proposal that Republicans should get behind is “Keep ALL Foreigners out”.  ALL of them.

Let’s face it.  We already have plenty of foreigners in our country.  If anything, we have too many.  Let’s kick out all the ones who are here without a signed invitation while we are at it.  Not because we hate them, or because we don’t like one group or another.  But because we have too many of them.

Build the wall.  Keep all the immigrants out who don’t have invitations.  Stop granting invitations.  Kick out the uninvited.

Everyone happy now?  See?  Totally non-discriminatory.


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2 Responses to Trump is a Racist

  1. Ray says:

    “Wall” My Ass! How about a single strand wire fence; Marking a high density mine field twenty miles wide. with a mandatory death penalty for anyone making across. For the ones that are here; Branding on six places on the body to mark them as enemy’s, strip them nude and then forcibly expelled with a mandatory bullet to the head for any that try to come back. Citizenship earned with a mandatory two year term of service for American born of American parents. Everybody else 25 years service. No service , no vote for Americans , no stay for everybody else. Now ain’t you glad I’m not in charge?


  2. doomdigit says:

    It’s funny hearing libs cry about this. “But it won’t solve the problem” they shriek. Well, assholes, now you know how we all feel when you bring up guns. Now you finally know how we feel. Except we’re right.


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