Crossover Strategies

Grand strategies that are such good ideas that they bring together groups that are normally polar opposites.

  1.  Use tax money to impose mandatory sterilization on brown people (especially Moslems) immigrating to the USA.  Win-Win.  The conservatives get cheaper labor without the anchor baby problems that come with them.  No worries about increased costs for building new schools.  Liberals get to keep publicly funding planned parenthood to provide sterilizations.  Planned parenthood gets to keep suppressing the brown population.  And statists get to force people to do stuff, so they are all on board with this.  And since the brown skinned people won’t be bringing their high birth rates with them, the bleeding hearts crowd can continue rescuing future generations of brown people from their homelands too.

2.  Hire Mexican immigrants to build a fence between the US and Mexico.  Force them all to join the AFL-CIO first and pay union dues.  Conservatives get their border secured.  Leftists get their works program boobdoggles and support for unions. Again, statists get to force people to do stuff (mandatory union membership).   You can even throw the military industrial complex a bone by hiring Northrup-grumman or SAIC to be the prime contractor.  Besides the initial investment, maintenance and wall improvements could go on for decades and become a permanent part of the defense budget.  WIN-WIN-WIN.

3.  Change US laws to enable mercenary companies to establish themselves openly and to work for whoever can hire them, as long as they work outside the USA. Lift all restriction on weapon types US citizens can own, keep and use. Then the next time Christian AmmanPour decides the USA should go bomb people we never heard of and don’t care about, we can refer her to one of those agencies and suggest she spend as much of her own money as she wants to ease the suffering of people the rest of us don’t care about.    A real capitalistic free market solution to international problems.  Taxpayers get a break.  Politicians can pretend to care without signing up the US military for military grand adventures.  Military industrial complex gets to sell lots of stuff, for cash.  Liberals can support and fund raise for as many bleeding heart causes as they like.

4.  Racial trade.  Trade on a one for one basis liberal blacks in the USA for Conservative whites in South Africa.  Any black person who demands separatism, or reparations for slavery will be signed up for the exchange on a non-voluntary basis.  We will assume that other blacks are happy with the way things are and they can stay.  This way, those black Americans who really care about racial separatism, and the evils of slavery, can go someplace where they can really make a difference.  And the USA will get in exchange some high quality immigrants who are educated and can speak fluent English (the funny accent is a plus).


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3 Responses to Crossover Strategies

  1. Cecil Henry says:

    Sounds good to me.

    MSNBC types would be apoplectic at this point!!! Granted who cares, but it would be fun to see.


  2. Og says:

    Good to see your humor has not been impaired


  3. Old NFO says:

    ROTF, I can just imagine PMSNBC or CNN getting this… snerk…


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