Observations on Terrorism

There are days I feel like taking a hostage.  From reading the popular press, I am convinced that professional “journalists” have a collective average IQ somewhere south of 90.  Example:

Hero police dog Diesel killed by woman suicide bomber in Paris siege.

No.  That’s not what “heroism” is.  The dog was being a dog.  It was doing what its conditioning trained it to do.  It made no more heroic actions than your own house pet when it “gets the ball”.

Tributes are pouring in from across the world from wellwishers applauding Diesel and his police handler for their bravery.

No. That’s not what “bravery” is. The dog was being a dog. it was chasing the ball. it was going first into a room, totally unaware that it was life threatening to do so. The handler of the dog wasn’t being brave either. He may have been brave earlier in the day, or later in the day. But sending your dog into a room isn’t a brave act.

The hashtag #Jesuisunchien [translated to English as “I’m a dog”] has gone viral since Twitter users heard of the dog’s death.

OH!  That’s what that means.  I thought it was expressing solidarity with Charlie Sheen.

Here is a picture of French counter terrorism forces.  For the record, this is what the terrorists in the game Counter-Strike look like.  If I saw these guys coming to my house, I would shoot first.  Police should wear uniforms, so you can tell they are police.  Little velcro patches are insufficient ID for practical purposes.

The special forces team that were involved in the stand-off

Here is an image of police and other first responders in what looks like a staging area near the operation.  Someone has apparently never learned anything from watching the Brits fight the IRA.  Any really sophisticated terrorist group would have had that area seeded with pre-positioned devices.  The fact that it was not tells you there was no “mastermind”.  Just thugs with guns and home made bombs and a plan that was no more complex than, “Dude, let’s kills some Joos and shit”.

Forensic experts in white suits wait for a go ahead after an operation of security forces


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2 Responses to Observations on Terrorism

  1. Heresolong says:

    +1 on shooting first if they come busting in your door. Totally look like a bunch of hoodlums who bought vests at an army surplus store. Pretty unbelievable. The only thing I can think of is that they were called in from whatever they were doing and came dressed in whatever they were wearing, at which point they grabbed their vest and their rifle and hit the streets.

    Why the balaclavas, though? What purpose does it serve to have your police force wearing balaclavas? Unless it is really cold in Paris right now.


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