Attack in France Analysis

Enough time has passed since the attacks in France for us to be able to comment intelligently, so I will.

  1.  The most important thing being asked is, “can it happen here”.  DUH!  It can happen anywhere.  Killing large groups of unarmed people is pathetically easy.  It doesn’t take a sophisticated terrorist network.  In this country, high school kids do it, all by themselves with no special training.  So, any politician or news network security expert who tells you differently, is a moron.  They are focusing on the wrong thing, the Growth of ISIS and ISIS connected groups and not just how easy it is to kill people.
  2. Is ISIS contained or expanding?  BOTH.  They are contained in some places and expanding in others.  And this is irrelevant.  While the nation-state-group “ISIS may be contained within boundaries, as long as the EU permits unrestricted crossing of its borders, members of ISIS are absolutely not contained.
  3. Republicans:  Make the Democrats say “Islamic terrorism”.  Democrats:  No, we won’t say it.  Republicans:  See, that proves they are out of touch.  JEEBUS!  This is a stupidly pointless part of this debate.  People.  With Guns. are killing other people.  They don’t care what you call them.  They aren’t some impotent black lives matter group playing faux grievance games because you micro-aggressed them again you racist fag.
  4. Lesson:  The world is a dangerous place.  If you are going out into it, prepare for it.  If you are unwilling to prepare for it, expect the consequences.
  5. I don’t really give a flying shit how many of the dead in Paris were Americans.  Being American does not convey any sort of magical or extra legal immunity from harm.
  6. France gets attacked by a group of 6-8 people.  France retaliates by dropping bombs on unrelated random strangers a thousand miles away.  How does this make any sense at all?  Several American politicians are also calling for attacks on ISIS.  WE ARE ALREADY ATTACKING ISIS, and it is doing nothing.
  7. Some politicians in America are saying it is time for a change of strategy WRT ISIS.  Huh?  WE HAVE NO STRATEGY.  Having a strategy would demonstrate that Obama cares more about ISIS than golf and that isn’t going to happen.  And he is right. There is no reason at all why America should be deciding which brown people on the other side of the planet should live and which should die.  There is no reason at all for us to refine millions of gallons of jet fuel and twist the arms of our taxpayers to buys millions of tons of bombs so that we can indiscriminately kill random and arbitrarily chosen people.
  8. The obvious solution, so obvious even a caveman could see it:  Immigration restriction.  Don’t let any of them come here.  NONE OF THEM.  Not the “christian ones”, not the Moslem ones, not the Hindu ones, not the Catholic ones.  NONE.  Patrol our borders with our armed forces until a fence gets built.  Start immediately deporting all immigrants legal and otherwise.  Start with the most dangerous first, the Moslems.
  9. Over and over we see that the attackers like these and even “lone wolf” attackers around the world are communicating with radicalized agents on various web sites.  WHY DO THEY HAVE WEB SITES?  The internet is ours.  What is the point of having an NSA, capable of monitoring all international signals, and yet incapable of shutting down Islamic web sites?  It should be pretty easy.  Just shut down all sites that use Arabic script.    Arabs want web access for legitimate purposes?  Fine. Build your own.  And while you are at it, build your own airplanes, your own airports,  your own banking system and your own trains and buses.   You Moslems have proven you can’t be trusted to use ours.
  10. Take your “moments of silence” and your “thoughts and prayers” and stuff them where the sun doesn’t shine (in a box in your basement).  Nothing says, “I’m not going to do a damned thing” like announcing to the world “we will do everything in our power”.  Similarly, raising the terrorist threat level all over the world and making air travel more painful for everyone who is not a terrorist.  It is too late.  All your counter-terrorist measures failed again.  The only thing that keeps a terrorist from boarding a plane is the long line ahead of him at the TSA checkpoint.   Higher threat levels after the events are pointlessly moronic.  most of the terrorists died at the scene and they already demonstrated the ability to all come to work on time, so there aren’t more groups waiting to initiate their own well-timed, perfectly coordinated attacks that are just 6 hours too late.
  11. WHY are we sending special teams of FBI investigators to France?  It may have escaped the notice of the US government, but France IS a modern country.  They have their own FBI.  It has plenty of resources to conduct this investigation.  They don’t even need us to send them blankets and hot soup.  They only killed 120 people, in one major city.  French investigators won’t even need to stay in hotels during the investigation.  They can sleep at home in their Paris 6th story apartments with no working elevators.  To me, this looks like a boondoggle for US FBI agents.  I am guessing a few hundred DHS and TSA agents are trying to get in on this too.

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3 Responses to Attack in France Analysis

  1. Heresolong says:

    You have a slight (major?) logical contradiction.

    #8 start with the most dangerous ones, Muslims

    #3 Republicans: Make the Democrats say “Islamic terrorist”.

    Of course #3 matters if you want #8 to happen. The Democrats, starting with the President, won’t even admit that the problem is Muslims. It is not “people”, it is Muslim people specifically. You have tried to make this distinction before, but all these people killing in the name of Islam are killing in the name of Islam.

    It isn’t random and you acknowledge that fact in #8. Until it is widely accepted by anyone who happens to be in charge of our immigration and foreign policies, we will fail to make any headway. Stop Muslim immigration, deport illegal Muslims, infiltrate Muslim churches and prosecute or deport anyone preaching killing (depending on their immigration status). And most of all, call a spade a spade. It is Muslims that are the problem, not Christians, not Mormons, not Baptists, not Jehovah’s Witnesses, not Jews, not Buddhists. Muslims.


  2. doomdigit says:

    I’d expel all the Democrats first, then the Muslims. The latest Charlie Hebdo cover is retarded. Too bad the Muslims didn’t finish the job.


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