The Conflict with China

What the heck is wrong with the people of the world?  Why are national leaders and their minions still stuck in old cold war paradigms and even older European paradigms about Marxism and imperialism?

For instance, the Chinese are a growing power in the orient.  People in power in the USA want to make sure we counter that “threat” by growing our own power in the area.

Recently, the Chinese have built an island where there wasn’t one.  Good for them, says I.  I admire people who create value in the world.  And since they created it, THEY OWN IT.  If we wanted to create an island and then actually did it, then we would own it.  Like the internet, for example.

But brainless morons in the US Navy want a show of force by sailing a warship past the new island as a clear threat.  And the Chinese are shaking their fist at us saying, “you better not”.

What should have happened:

  1.  When the USA discovered Chinese building a new Island, our state department should have entered negotiations with them to put a McDonald’s franchise there.  Then a Marriott.  Then a nice dock for cruise ships. Then bid US contractors to go finish the work for them and even expand it.
  2. When the Chinese learned of US intentions to sail a warship past the Island, they should have invited the ship to anchor and take shore leave.  Hire 50 or so hookers and give away free beer to the sailors.  Though the modern Navy no longer needs hookers.

The point is that both sides are inviting conflict when neither side has anything to gain by conflict. And the free people of America certainly have nothing to gain by conflict with China.  So… Why is the US Navy doing this?  And Why is China responding the way they are responding?

It is the same as with Russia.  Why are we treating them as enemies in Syria instead of treating them as allies?  Why all the discussion about “deconflicting flights” over Syria?  Airplanes DON’T just run  into each other.  Pilots watch where they are going .     No deconfliction is needed.  If such a thing is valuable, it is trivially easy:  The USA will control the air over IRAQ (our ally) and Russia will control the air over Syria (their ally).  DONE. Why is this so hard?  WTF is the Kerry-Clinton-Obama administration doing that needs all this skullduggery?  Why should the American people risk a single American life or the value of a single Hellfire missile (about $100K) in Iraq or Syria?  What’s in it for us?


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10 Responses to The Conflict with China

  1. Heresolong says:

    And if we just let Hitler have the Sudetenland we will have no more problems with Germany.

    Oh wait.


    • No One says:

      If Germany took an unpopulated swamp in chechoslovakia and built a major airport there… I would be inclined to grant his claim to that part. Hitler claimed stuff he didn’t build and he claimed areas that were essential to the defense of chechoslovakia. China built an island in an unpopulated part of the ocean. That it a much different thing than taking someone else’s island.

      Plus… the us navy believes as a matter of official policy that sea levels are rising so those islands are all moot anyway.


  2. Slick Willy says:

    “…sea levels are rising…” What a hoot! Talk about hoisting the Navy on their own petard! So either they really DON’T believe that seas will rise, or this ‘problem’ goes away all by itself when the island drowns and they have no reason to worry.

    Notice the Chinese are BUILDING ISLANDS despite paying lip service to the global warming hoax… watch what they do and not what they say, pappy always said.

    Oh well, logic does not matter to liberals


  3. Heresolong says:

    Unpopulated but smack in the middle of the busiest shipping lanes in the world and the Spratly Islands. They are extending their influence and their ability to project military power. They are also making a land grab for the islands. A lot of resources there and they aren’t anywhere near China. Nothing positive for the US is going to come out of acceding to their illegal tactics.


  4. Slick Willy says:

    Uhmmm… because they won’t. China wants world domination and has stated so many times.

    Just sayin’


  5. Old NFO says:

    Oil and 200nm EZ claims… THAT is what they want. LASSEN only went on a FON, never closer that 12nm which is allowed by Freedom of the Seas treaties…


  6. Old NFO says:

    Just Vietnam, Phillipines, Singapore… 🙂


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