Odds and Ends

  1.  What ever happened to the guy who produced the video that Hillery blamed the Benghazi attacks on?  Last I heard, he was in jail.  Did they just throw him into a pit somewhere and forget him?  Did he ever get a trial for the trumped up charges they threw at him? (Note:  Probably need to retire the term “trumped up”).
  2. I have been hearing that McDonald’s stores are not happy with all the new things the corporate offices are making them do, starting with the all-day breakfast.  personally, I love the breakfast burritos and my local McDonald’s has been serving those all day for years.  Radio pundits blame the Frappe coffees and salads and no trans fat cooking oils and other things that customers don’t really want.  I think the problem is obvious.  It’s the dollar menu, and the $1 drink.  When other franchises routinely charge $2 for a large drink, McD’s is just giving away profits.  The other items on the dollar menu similarly steal away food profits.  A Big Mac has twice the ingredients as a double cheeseburger, but 4 times the revenue.  And most of the increase in ingredients is bread and sauce.  The labor value is the same.  If McD’s were to increase the prices on dollar menu items to at least double, their profits would increase with very little change in customer frequency.
  3. Now that Joe Biden has dropped out of the race that he wasn’t even in, Hillery is the clear winner of the Democratic primary.  There is no point to her continuing to do any campaigning.  She should still be fundraising, but setting that money aside for the general election or use it to start running ads to reinvent herself and reintroduce her New self to the voters in key states.  If she wastes a single dime on attacking a democratic opponent, it is just because she is giving money away to a insider who produced the ad.
  4. Oh Look.  Another budget “deal”.  Cue School house rock:  I’m just a bill, ya I’m only a bill.  And I’m sittin’ here on Capital Hill….”   Where is the “deal” in that song?  Don’t a majority in both houses still have to vote on the spending for it to become “law”?  What is the point of having weak ineffectual Republicans who are just going to throw their hands in the air again and say, “oh well.  There’s that deal so we are obligated now.  We don’t really want it (kicking rocks while looking down), but it is a deal.”  THIS IS WHY TRUMP AND CARSON ARE SO POPULAR.  Hey all you career politicians:  America hates your F*&king guts and hopes you die of cancer… TONIGHT.

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