Linked In Spam

1.  I am on Linked in.  I used it to find an old friend and they wouldn’t just publish his contact info unless I signed up.  So I did.  Now it is the single largest source of spam I get.  I get “link to me” request from people I don’t know several times a week.  And every time that one friend changes anything on his link, I get an email telling me about it.

Seriously, guys.  Does anyone find this useful?  Or is this just more marketing hype about the value of “networking”?  Clue:  Real networking is when you really know other people and care about influencing positive outcomes in their lives.  Not website links.

2.  And the Windows 10 OS-level spam is back.  Even though I removed their previous operating system level advertisement on my win7 machine.  they must have discovered people were ignoring their free upgrade to win10 and decided to give me one more chance to ignore them… every time I turn my computer on.  Now I will have to search the internet to make that stupid thing go away.

3.  Phone number searches.  Every phone number and the name of it’s owner is something that is known with certainty.  Storing them and searching them with modern computers is a triviality.  So WHY CAN’T I DO IT WITH GOOGLE LIKE I SEARCH EVERYTHING ELSE?  When I do search phone numbers and reverse search to find numbers, I never get the information I want.  instead i get a web site that goes through the motions of performing a search and then returns, “sign up now to get this information”, and “pay this amount”.  This should be free.  The companies that are doing this get their information from somewhere.  The phone companies no longer have to publish paper phone books with the information in it and that saves them huge amounts of money.   Put all that on line.


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8 Responses to Linked In Spam

  1. JN says:

    3. Phone numbers
    It used to come up in searches, which means they intentionally block it now.


  2. Old NFO says:

    Have the same problems with all three… sigh…


  3. Slick Willy says:

    phone numbers… litigation has reduced the usability of search tools. Simply put, phone companies got tired of getting sued for publishing public numbers (like in their phone books), or, worse, when they publish a number that was actually blocked, private, or any of the other flavors used to say “keep my number away from everyone.”

    The info can still be gotten to, just not by search engine as easily.


  4. JN says:

    “The info can still be gotten …”

    For free an the internet? If so give us a link.


  5. Slick Willy says:

    You have to dig and play with it a bit, but the free services are out there. One example is There are others if you poke around.

    My point is that this info is hard to get to by design.


  6. Og says:

    LinkedIn is kind of an easy way to keep in touch with colleagues. I gewt thousands of emails a week, I just let my mail client sort out the crap and I deal with it appropriately.


  7. Og says:

    No, it’s because I’m on a bunch of stupid mailing lists because I’ve had the same email since 1985.


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