I have been wearing Army boots of one type or another for most of the past 30 years.  And I have had some foot trouble from time to time, depending on how far i was walking and how many swamps I had to cross.

I have recently taken up outdoor hiking as a hobby and discovered i just can’t seem to find boots that don’t raise blisters even after a short walk through the woods. This is quite vexing.

It reminds me of when I was a kid and I went roller skating.  Unlike all the rich kids who got their own roller skates (and new ones every time their feet grew), I rented mine at the roller rink.  Every single time, roller skating would raise blisters, no matter how tight or how loose the skates were.

When I started hiking a few months ago, I was getting blisters on my little toes.  Then I invested in some high-end boots at the local REI retail store.  now I am getting small blisters on the backs of my heels and those quickly turn into holes in my skin.  It seems the boots have some inside stitching that abrades me like a file whenever I walk uphill.  My heel raises inside the boot when I go uphill, but doesn’t when I go downhill.

I know some people do this, but it seems odd to me that I should have to tape up my feet or apply moleskin before every hike.


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9 Responses to Boots

  1. Og says:

    I have always liked my danners, but the glued together Chinese ones are crap. I wear the desert Acadias and have no issues. Maybe your feet are army boot indoctrinated.


    • No One says:

      My feet have spread out and flattened a little. I do wonder why the WW2 army did not permit people with flat feet. That doesn’t seem to be a serious impairment to walking.

      I think my feet may also be too thin from sole to top to get a good snug fit across the lacings. maybe some good insoles on top of the factory ones would help that.


  2. JN says:

    I get boots a little bit bigger than I need and wear 2 socks. Seems to keep the blisters away. Fortunately I also have bad circulation in my extremities so It helps with my feet feeling cold also.


  3. Og says:

    I use those Dr Scholls custom orthotics from wally world. I have had really good luck with them. You stand on the machine, it tells you which ones to get. Expensive, but seem to work well.


  4. JN says:

    Yes, I do the extra insoles too. Forgot about that. So my feet are basically padded all around when in my boots.


  5. ray says:

    Oops I thought it was going to be about a cat.

    But I’ll play anyway. I’ve worn the same pair of cheap sandals for seven or eight years now. Feet get a little frosty in winter and I have to superglue them occasionally but, all good.

    The boots and shoes made nowdays are, like most everything else nowdays, crap. Expensive crap. I think I paid about ten dollars for the sandals.


  6. Heresolong says:

    I bought a set of Danner’s for hiking not too long ago. I like them. Expensive doesn’t mean fits your feet, however. The Danner stores have actual rocks and trails that you can climb up and down wearing their boots to see how they fit. Also, accepted wisdom suggests that too big boots filled with extra socks is not the best way to go. The socks will move around which allows your feet to move around. You want boots where your heel doesn’t lift as you have figured out. Many professional hockey players don’t wear socks at all in their skates. Disgusting for smell but the skates then don’t have a slippery layer between the boot and your foot.

    As far as glued versus sewn, glue quality has come a long way since the days of Shoe Goo. I wore my first glued set of Chippewas for about five years almost every day before they started to come apart and now I have a set of glued Danners.

    You may have to buy a second set of expensive boots to make it happen right but I would make sure that the salesperson who helps you is knowledgeable about hiking and not just whoever got sent back to the shoe section that day.


    • No One says:

      That’s why I went to rei. But no such luck. And I agree. If you have enough room for two pair of socks or extra insoles, you probably have the wrong size boots.


  7. Og says:

    Different people have different luck, even modern glues, something about my foot sweat can dissolve a new pair of running shoes in short order. The glued together ones do seem to be more comfortable in the short run, but in the long run they seem to not offer that much support. I’m a pretty big guy, so having that lateral support of the Danner Desert Acadias is really nice, and my feet are always less tired. They are snug going on but I think that’s how you want them, so your feet can’t splay out and make things worse. I also bought a pair of Thorogood work boots, and they’re very well made, but they advertise themselves as an American company, and these were Chinese. I mean, I don’t want to pay American prices for Chinese boots. I also calloused up a lot wearing the Thorogoods, which I never did with Danner.


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