Stating the obvious: Moslems

It is becoming increasingly clear…

  1.  Islam is indistinguishable from insanity.
  2.  Being a Moslem makes it very likely that you are also in the lower half of the population for IQ.  While not a bad thing in itself, plenty of people do very well in the lower half,  it establishes conditions for perpetual poverty, grievance, and despair.   Those conditions lead to envy and violence.  This is predictable.
  3. Islam is closely tied to multiple undesirable characteristics that are totally incompatible with life in the modern world.  Among these are: Slavery, child sex trafficking, piracy, theft, and murder.
  4. It is unimaginably stupid for any sane modern country to permit Moslems to remain inside their borders overnight let alone to invite them to settle there permanently.
  5. Moslems will not melt into the melting pot.  They will float on top of it like scum, and taint everything that they touch.  They will not assimilate.  They will not blend.  They will not convert.
  6. Any attempt to bring about a reformation, will likely result in a worse, more violent, and more incompatible form of Islam.
  7. You cannot make Moslems be more moderate by educating them or exposing them to other cultures.  This has been tried over and over and always fails.

Thus.  Then President Trump starts his pogrom against immigrants, I hope the Moslems within our borders are first in line.


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3 Responses to Stating the obvious: Moslems

  1. Slick Willy says:

    And the stupid liberals who ignore or (worse) advocate for Muslims are the first who are eliminated once the Muslims take control of a country, since they support things Islam detests.

    This is not new: liberals in what passes for journalism advocate socialist/communist causes thinking that they will be in the ruling class after the revolution. The Socialists stand journalists against the wall first once they can, to eliminate the useful idiots, and as a lesson for everyone else (‘we WILL kill you’)


  2. Sarthurk says:

    Ahh, but what about the Irish?
    . “Blazing Saddles”


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