Followup on Mass shootings

What should be done to stop mass shootings?

Colleges and universities are implementing notification and lock down procedures.  And they are being sued for not having more effective procedures.

Recruiting stations are getting thicker glass.

Elementary schools are been declared Gun-free zones in federal law.

None of that works.

Trump says it’s the crazy people.

What should be done:  NOT A DAMNED THING.  The fact is, mass shootings are a rare event.  The chances are very high that you can send your kid to any public school in the country and the worst thing they have to worry about is being molested by a teacher, being raped by another student or being assaulted/killed by other students.  It is unlikely that there will be another shooting at a recruiting station anywhere in the USA for another ten years.   Every dime spent trying to prevent it is a total waste.  And serious risk analysis will show that the risk is very low.  Only government institutions and zero-defect government managers would spend any money at all on prevention measures and that is because they aren’t spending their own money.  I can guarantee you that the stores right next door to the recruiting stations are not installing reinforced glass in their store windows.  They know that the risk is simply too small to worry about.

Shit happens.  In a country as big as ours, shit is happening somewhere, every day.  Only our national news media cycle is creating the impression that it is dangerous to step outside your own front door.

The rules are simple.  If you want to not be a victim of an untimely death:

  1.  Wear a seat belt and be an attentive driver.
  2.  Don’t live in cities near slums, “projects”,  or anywhere where the black/hispanic population is over 20%.
  3.   Don’t do drugs. Don’t have friends who do drugs. Don’t hire hookers.
  4.   Don’t visit third world countries.
  5.   If you do lose the life-lottery and get selected to participate in a mass shooting, as a victim, FIGHT BACK.  Don’t just lay there hoping it will all be over soon.  Use your fists, your feet and your brain.  Throw a chair, a salt shaker, or your shoes at him.  Become more violent than your attacker.  Scream at him. Tear open your shirt and expose your chest (especially effective for hot chicks). Get inside his OODA loop.  Change his plans.  Make sure his day is not going to go his way.  And if you have a gun, shoot him in the face.  If you have a machete, chop his hands off.

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3 Responses to Followup on Mass shootings

  1. Slick Willy says:

    Act like the guy who charged the shooter at the latest Christian elimination event on Oregon… he got shot, sure, but he was gonna get shot already. DO SOMETHING to make a difference, even if it is only for your own self respect.

    Gun Free Zones (a.k.a Criminal Protection Zones) drive me crazy. I hope these schools get their collective a$$ handed to them in a lawsuit for declaring that victims are available without providing proper security.


    • No One says:

      That lawsuit will never happen. Courts have already universally declared that no one has a responsibility to guarantee your protection. They have also universally declared that liberal policy makers cannot be held responsible for the harm their policies do, even if the outcomes are so predictable as to be called “intentional and malicious”.


  2. Old NFO says:

    Fighting back IS the only answer. I’d rather die on my feet than on my knees…


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