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My Samsung S3 finally died.  It needed to be replaced.  I am certain if I bought the Ford smartphone, it would have lasted 20 years and never needed an oil change.

The S3 has been limping along for the past year.  USB port was nonfunctional.  I had to remove the battery to recharge it in a battery charger stand.  I was on the third extra capacity battery and that was dying too.  I was on the second back and it was falling off every few minutes due to small fractures in the corners.  The final straw was when I was hiking this past weekend and it simply died.  not once.  multiples times.  Even though the batteries had over 70 % charge and I carried two of them.  This is unacceptable because I count on my phone for emergencies and GPS mapping when I am in the back country.

So I went to the local Verizon store (NOT an authorized retailer but a genuine corporate store).  I looked at the new model S6 and the Note5.  They were both pretty but had a significant problem.  The Cell phone engineers decided that consumers no longer needed or wanted the ability to insert micro SD cards to expand memory.  And also no need or want to remove batteries.  Unless of course your USB port crashes, not like THAT ever happens.  or to transfer a lot of data without paying wireless data fees, not like anyone would want to do that.  Or to replace the rechargeable battery when it starts to fail, not like that would ever happen.

So, I went with the older model Note 4.  It still has the removable battery and SD micro card slot inside.   And a really shiny high resolution screen.  My map apps looks much bigger and brighter now.

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5 Responses to New Tech

  1. Old NFO says:

    Obviously you’re a grouchy old technology luddite… How could you POSSIBLY not want the latest and greatest??? Oh those issues you raise? Well, you should just bow to the inevitable, and do all that stuff on line. And upgrade your Smartphone every year like all the cool kids… /snark off/ It’s getting so they WILL have us locked in to what THEY think is good for us, nothing about what WE actually want… sigh


  2. Og says:

    Methinks thou dost protest too much. Shame you’re saddled with those vehic l es you have to keep working on while the only thing I do to my ford’s is drive them. And change the oil, of course.
    Me, if the company didn’t provide it I wouldn’t own a phone.


  3. Slick Willy says:

    Last time I traded a phone in the tech guy called everyone over to gawk at the old tech (and the backwards owner, I presume)… seems he was in grade school the last time they sold the phone I was finally getting rid of.

    They actually asked if it was a working phone (I wanted them to pull my contacts off for the new phone) since it did not have a real browser or anything. How did I get to the Internet…? (I sit at my PC when I want to browse, I said) How did I navigate with GPS…? (if I wanted a GPS I would BUY one, I told them. One that worked well, unlike almost any phone app to that date. Then I REALLY stumped them when I got my paper state map from my glove box)

    My phone made phone calls, and flipped closed like a little clam. What little texting I did was through the old T9 (phone keyboard) interface… press 2, press 2, press OK and you got a letter ‘c’. Repeat for every letter.

    Any when all the new cloud tech breaks, these ‘cool kids’ cannot fix their device\service\App… since all they every do is get a new one.

    And I own my phone and data, and truly sensitive information is safe because it is not left on a device at all, connected to the Internet or not. Iron drives with triple AES level encryption are cool, too.


  4. katmandutu says:

    I have the S5. Great phone. Bigger removable battery. Don’t have to charge it as frequently as I did my S3. Also takes micro SD cards. It’s unbreakable, unless you want to smash it with a hammer. Lol! It’s also water proof. Unlike the new S6. 😦
    Samsung trying to copy Apple with the new S6. Breakable glass and not waterproof.
    I’ll stick with my S5.


  5. Heresolong says:

    I just upgraded from the HTC Thunderbolt to the Galaxy S4 and I really like it. Probably similar to your Note, but I bought mine on craigslist rather than lose my old grandfathered unlimited data plan from Verizon. Even the sales people at the Verizon store told me to keep it. Exact quote “dude, you should keep this forever. It is awesome”.


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