A few words about Planned Parenthood

They have been in the news lately so obviously, I need to comment on that.

Here is a blurb from Vox Day:

And yes, in case you’re wondering, I support Planned Parenthood, and have the donation receipts to prove it.

This leads me to wonder.  Why does a profit making corporation NEED donations?  According to tax records, they made $28 million last year alone.  That is “profit”.  But even without that nasty capitalist motive, they could easily reduce their total profits by paying out higher bonuses to top employees.  That same year, they paid $50 million to their national staff in salaries.  Baby killing is good business.  Advocating killing babies is also very good business.  The people at the national office don’t even have to get blood on their hands for this money.

And we recently see that there was a short and futile mock battle in the congress about defunding Planned Parenthood.  That effort was unsuccessful because of the threst of “shutting down the government”.  How did Planned Parenthood’s corporate profit become a national priority such that giving them more money every year is the default position of the national budget?  make no mistake.  This is NOT about women’s health.  It is not about the right to choose abortion.  It is not about services in disadvantaged communities.  It is about huge salaries for corporate executives in a private corporation.  Those huge profits will be taken from private sector businesses that pay taxes and from millions of low and middle income tax payers all over the country so that wealthy corporate execs can become wealthier.  How is it I am the only one who sees this?  Why aren’t the libertarians breathing fire about this?  Why aren’t the Occupy Wall Street people staging protests about this?  Where are the anti-capitalist left-wing nut bags who hate corporate profits?

For the record, I don’t have a problem with abortion.  The world is a very cruel place.  Abortion is just one more cruel thing that happens.  I think parents have the right to kill their children.  And abortion IS killing their children.  I also see it as a purely elective procedure and thus the parents should pay for it out of their own pockets.

Perhaps there could be a national charitable agency that advocates in favor of abortion and raises money for it that could also FUND it for all those people who can’t afford one.   WHAT???  Take money out of their own pockets to support a cause they demand?  Bite your tongue.


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2 Responses to A few words about Planned Parenthood

  1. Slick Willy says:


    Okay, I’ll wade in.

    First, I agree with your profit analysis. They MAKE A PROFIT and take taxpayer money. Anyone who thinks that tax dollars are not supporting abortions is foolish: if you have tax money coming in to support everything else, you have plenty to work on the abortion side of the house. Budgeting 101 for Dummies.

    Second, the entire spin on women’s health care is bogus. I thought Obamacare covered everyone, including women. Why do we need Planned Parenthood to provide those services free, in that case? The low income women get big my tax dollars to pay for insurance, as again, why PP?

    Third, that whole “3% of interactions are abortions” is a lie by statistic: they count handing out a condom or advising a teen on sex positions as a ‘interaction’ to arrive at that number. The vast majority of their income is from abortions. And there is great amounts of money in the sale of baby parts, given the unedited tapes of conversations with PP employees.

    Last, my soul hurts thinking about what we as a nation tolerate in the name of eugenics and mass murder of innocents. I really really am heartbroken at the corporate greed, the political games, and the apathy of the American population in the face of this.


    • No One says:

      just because I don’t care doesn’t mean I am apathetic. Those aren’t MY kids. Their parents choose to kill them. It is their right as parents to do that. I only insist that I not have to pay for their choices, that i don’t have to watch or participate in their choices and that they clean up after themselves.

      But of course, no one cares what I insist on.


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