Intelligent Car Seats

This has possibilities.  A car seat that can determine the driver’s stress level.  If they can wire it into the ignition, and refuse to start for drivers with stress too high, that could take 50% of women off the road.

Other good ideas:

  1.  Internet enabled cars that automatically connect to a national database, run by car insurance companies.  If your insurance isn’t up to date, the car doesn’t start.
  2.  Cars that detect the level of your eyes.  If you cannot physically see the road around your car, it doesn’t start (you could sell this as a child safety feature, but we all know it is there to get old people and Hondurans off the road).
  3. Parents can access the stress levels, heart rates, and weights on all the seats after the daughter comes home from her dates.  Might be better to just install trunk monkey with Chaperon upgrade.

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2 Responses to Intelligent Car Seats

  1. Old NFO says:

    Snerk… trunk monkey with Chaperon upgrade! Yeah, that would have worked well back in the day. Now the damn trunks are too small… 🙂


  2. Heresolong says:

    Yeah, cause I want some corporation to have the ability to keep my car from starting when they screw up my records.


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