The Internal Dialog

I have a very active internal dialog.  For upcoming important conversations, I will often spend many hours inside my head having the discussions I might want to have in real life.  Sometimes they are for meetings and events that never happen.  In any case, they almost never go the way I imagine them.  And STILL, when it comes time to say the things that I have rehearsed so carefully, the words come out like I gave them no thought at all.  This isn’t something that troubles me.  I expect that everyone has an internal dialog.  And through training in courtesy and good manners we learn to discipline the words that come out to be mostly inoffensive.
The greater majority of things I say on the inside will never be heard out loud.  Some conversations that will be replaced by better conversations when the time comes and some events that simply don’t happen in real life.

About No One

I am totally non-threatening
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