What We Should Do About Greece

Greece is being overrun by Islamic immigration.  Tens of thousands are now on the Island of Lesbos.  What should America do about it?

  1.  Not a damn thing.

Greece is a modern European country.  They have an Army of 90 THOUSAND active duty people, mostly infantry.  They have the resources to act on this all by themselves.  If they choose to accept being over run, who are we to tell them that is not a valid choice?

But they are the gateway to the rest of Europe.  So?  The rest of Europe is also made up of modern European countries, each of which has a fully functional army and none of which are doing a damned thing.If the Europeans don’t care about being overrun by Moslems, why should we?

The only thing we should be doing is making sure NONE of them come here.  But we won’t.  Our own national government is just as suicidal about defending western civilization as the Europeans are.  Our own Armed forces won’t lift a finger to defend our shores.  If we did, the rest of the world might take a hint that self preservation is not a sin.


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5 Responses to What We Should Do About Greece

  1. ddswaterloo says:

    Respectfully, I have to disagree strongly. An attack anywhere in the West is an attack everywhere.

    The West is a culture created by a specific people and it will be destroyed if that people is dispossessed. Europeans everywhere have the self-evident right to secure their homelands for themselves, without regard to the claims others make upon it.

    This is a systemic attempt at White Genocide. To destroy a people and civilization. I agree that Europe does have an army, does have resources. As does Greece.

    But this attack is enabled by elites who have undermine the ability of the West to defend itself in a direct manner.

    What happens there happens here too eventually. DO NOT WAIT FOR THAT. This issue is transgovernmental and supranational— ON both sides. We in Western countries have NO real government representation or allies. This is serious. Only White Countries are doing it, only White children are affected, and only White politicians are allowing it.



    • No One says:

      Thanks for commenting. Still don’t care. They have resources. They have the ability to save themselves. They choose not to use it. Not my problem. My problem is getting enough of us to care about saving us. And saving us is not is some distant future. It is now. Our demise is already staring us in the face. If we are unwilling to save ourselves, you have no case trying to convince me to save others from the fate they want for themselves. Greece is on their own. Germany is on their own. France is on it’s own. The UK is on it’s own. Denmark is on it’s own. If they will not save themselves, they get what they deserve. And so will we.


  2. Old NFO says:

    They’ve dug that hole, it’s NOT our responsibility to bail them out.


  3. They have an Army of 90 active duty people, mostly infantry.



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