Draw your own conclusions

Over the weekend, I was in the Scenic coastal town of Norfolk Virginia.  I had an urgent need to procure some tools to help a small project.  I go to the nearest hardware store.  It happened to be the U-DO-IT chain.  I asked the employee therein where I might find the tools.  Then I got my first big shock.  All tools are inside locked plexiglass cases.  A store employee would be happy to unlock them for you when you need to buy something.

What sort of neighborhood requires stores to lock up all of their merchandise even when the store is open?

Then I go to the local McDonald’s quality family restaurant.   I order a drink.  The servant behind the counter fills my drink for me.  Not because they are devoted to customer service, but because they can’t trust the drink machine to be in the lobby and not have it robbed blind.

Again.  What sort of neighborhood functions like this?  McDonalds everywhere Ilse I know, long ago sacrificed an hourly employee to let customers serve their own drinks (and refills).  But in places like this, the losses were so staggeringly high, that it made economic sense to use paid employees to dispense drinks.

To the people in those neighborhoods:  This is why you can’t have nice things.  In civilized parts of America, Americans can have nice things because the first thing that enters their mind isn’t, “how can I steal that”.


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1 Response to Draw your own conclusions

  1. JN says:

    Second thing…tops. Followed quickly by “It’s not worth it” and “I want them to make money so they can keep making these things I like/need.”


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