Would Everyone Please STFU About the Roanoke Shooting?

There is nothing to be learned here.  There is nothing that could have prevented this.  it is a personal tragedy for everyone involved and for everyone else, it is just entertainment and gossip.  None of your opinions matter in the slightest bit.

  1.  STFU about flags.  You all knew it was stupid when race bating activists tied the Southern Battle Flag to the shootings in South Carolina.  Stop trying to join the “stupid” club.  I know you are trying to make a point.  Your point is stupid because you are arguing with morons.  Morons who aren’t listening.  Meanwhile  two beautiful people are dead.
  2. STFU about gun control.  I am tired of your Shit.  Every time there is a shooting Gun control whackos try to say “MORE CONTROL”.  It wouldn’t have mattered.  There is no reasonable level of gun control that would have made any difference, other than “no guns for blacks”.
  3. STFU about Concealed Carry.  It wouldn’t have mattered.  The bad guy shot first.  There is no rational level of self defense those two people could have used to defend themselves from this.
  4. STFU about Violence in the workplace and employers having an obligation to safeguard their employees.  It wouldn’t have mattered.  It is unreasonable to hired armed security details to follow every working American everywhere they go.  And each security detail would need to be three people just in case a member of the detail is the whacko.  This argument is stupid.  Stop using it.
  5. STFU about mental illness.  There is no level of detection or treatment that would have made any difference at all in this outcome.  NONE.  This guy’s behavior was clinically normal in every detail.  You are allowed to be angry.  It’s not a criminal or mental offense.  You are allowed to be a pervert.  You are allowed to be disgruntled.
  6. STFU about race.  Yes, this guy wrote a manifesto saying he wanted a race war.  So-F-ing_what!  He probably wanted to be the new Bryant Gumble too.  That wasn’t going to happen either.  Wanting a race war is not clinically insane.  It’s just stupid and violent.  Stupid and Violent describes half the population in the black community.  It’s not against the lat to be prone to violence or to be stupid. Clue:  What stupid people write in their manifestos is also stupid.  Stop treating it like it was peer reviewed before publishing.
  7. STFU about Black lives matter.  Mostly, they don’t.  And we all know it.  But even when they do, that has nothing to do with this case.  The BLM people are a bunch of self-serving hack trying to add a few lines to their resumes so they can get into the big game in political activism and get a big paying political appointment where they will get paid and never have to work again.  Stop treating them (BLM) like they are grown ups who matter.

This crime was committed by a man.  Not a gay man.  Not a black man.  Just a man.  A man whose fears and phobias were fed by a political activism culture that makes up about half of our voting population.  That doesn’t make them responsible either.  STFU about that.  He was responsible for his own actions and he took responsibility.

Multiple law enforcement agencies are still investigating.  WTF for?  We know who did it and why.  Case. Closed. There is nothing to be learned here.  Not one damned thing.  STFU about it and go back to work.  STFU about it and go back to school.  STFU about it and get on with your life.  Stop clogging up the internet with this story.  It’s not interesting.  It’s not entertaining.  It’s not amusing.  It doesn’t feed my political agenda.  It is heart breaking.

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