Ashley Madison Double Secret Hack

By now we all know that Ashley Madison, the notorious “dating” site for cheaters has been hacked and all their data dumped onto the internet.

But the internet is a big place.  Where can you find it?  Where do all the nefarious cheated wives go to discover if their husband is in the pile?  Where do all the Senate aides go to see if their bosses are in the clear?    If you google for it, you will likely get a bunch of stories about it and some of those will have links.   You type in your information and… Viola!!

You have been double hacked.

You just typed your information into a site that is set up just to catch “guys who just admitted they were on AM or adult friend finder so they could cheat”.  Now THAT data base can be searched by your wives and electoral opponents.

Basic rules.

  1.  You have no privacy on the internet.
  2. You can’t trust hackers to not hack you.
  3. You can’t trust web sites where the hackers go to share their hack knowledge and ill-gotten goods.
  4. Stop playing their game.

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2 Responses to Ashley Madison Double Secret Hack

  1. Old NFO says:

    NOTHING is secret/safe on the web… Period… Learn it, know it, practice it- Or prepare to pay the price… Now or later!


  2. Slick Willy says:

    Take the computer with data you wish to secure, turn it off. Seal it in a old fashioned tumbler safe. Encase the safe in concrete. Drop off at any of the various ‘deep trenches’ in any convenient ocean. Your data is now secure… but not reachable.

    The only safe way to keep data in your own hands is to never make it electronic. A ‘separate, secure’ network will get hacked (.gov classified network, anyone?); no internet connection at all can be hacked (shoulder surfing via binocular, tools to ‘read’ the emissions of your monitor while you use it). Even encryption can be broken (YOU can get to it, right? Are you sure no programmer or hacker doesn’t have a backdoor to the tool you use to encrypt?)

    Security is more a balance of accessibility and risk. The easier for YOU to get to your data, the greater the risk someone else can too.


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