What To Do About Boko Haram

  1.  Not a damn thing.

Screw them.   I don’t care if BH is killing Christians.  I don’t care that they are raping little girls (or boys).  I don’t care if fleeing villagers are drowning in the rivers.

Why don’t I care?

Because Africa doesn’t care.  I am sick to death of being responsible for everything in Africa.  They are free of colonialism.  They can solve their own problems.

By the numbers:

  • BH = 7,000 to 10,000 fighters.
  • Nigerian Army:  80K
  • Niger Army: 12K
  • Benin Army:4.75K
  • Cameroon Army: 12.5K
  • Chad Army: 30K
  • Number of military aged males fit for service in Nigeria, 21 MILLION.

They don’t need a blessed thing from us to solve this problem.  They have more than enough guns and men to solve this problem themselves.    Even armed villagers could easily fix this themselves.


Stop expecting us to have a policy to deal with this.  Stop trying to throw us into another war where we have no interest in the outcome.  Humanitarian service on the other side of the planet is NOT a constitutionally described power granted to the federal government and it ought to be expressed denied to the federal government.


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2 Responses to What To Do About Boko Haram

  1. maxsnafu says:

    Even if Africa cared, I wouldn’t.


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