Stratospheric Science Reporting: Space Elevator Edition

This story tells us about the new space elevator.  It even includes a picture of it.


No.  There isn’t actually a space elevator and drawing pictures of sciency stuff turns out to be a lot easier than actually doing sciency stuff.  So is reporting about science.  Once again, the science reporting community has resorted to “making shit up”, because reporting about real science is hard and boring.  It might actually involve reading a scientific journal and conducting some background investigations like contacting the author, instead of just Googling the topic and writing down the first 3 headlines that pop up.

I seriously doubt the Earth will ever see a space elevator of any sort in the next 100 years.  And since the whole of existence ceases to exist at the moment of my death, that is like saying, “it will never happen”.  Science reporting is supposed to be about actual science.


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